H8Machine (2)

Hardcore band from USA

Back in 96 or so in the Shore town of Brick New Jersey two knuckle heads named Reggie and Dennis decided to start tooling around with some instruments. Being Dennis was a bad ass guitar player, and Reggie was a kickass jazz drummer, they decided to start covering some tunes. Basically really to pass the time, and to have some tunes to play when they were drunk or for when there was a party going on.

Dennis who at the time couldn't sing for shit, for some odd reason thought it would be cool if he sang some of these cover tunes. Being they were not taking any of this serious, it really didn't matter.
This went on for a while, drinking, partying and playing music. We made many fans in the neighborhood by playing at 2 in the morning. so much so that even the cops often came by to see us.

At some point the dynamic duo actually wrote a song. Then a few more. This started the search for a bass player. Finally after going through a few of them, we ended up with Tumor. No that s not his real name. Tumor, a husky fella, would drive two-an a half hours to come play some shitty songs we wrote for an hour. Then he would bum gas money off one of us to go home.

We some how got some cash together to make a demo. We figured we needed at name now, so we came up with Dying Breed. We recorded a four song demo.
At this point a record label named Tri-State Terror got a copy of this thing. They took a tune off it and put it on a comp called “East vs. West. Dying Breed was finally official!
Around bout the same time, this same shitty demo made its way to Germany, and found its way to a label call Hate Records, who told us to record some more tunes and they will give us a record deal. Shitting our pants, we went back to the basement and Put some shit together, finalizing what would be Dying Breed “Day of Reckoning”

We went to Texas and played our first show. People around already had heard the demo shit, but not what we did for the cd, being it just came out as we played the gig.
There were about 400 people at the gig. The main band that was to headline told us that we should headline because once we play, no one will be left standing and the rest will leave. Odd thing to hear from a well established band.
They kicked some ass that night.

At this point in time there were only a few good hardcore bands.
After that the band toured Germany where they played their second show in front of 3000 people. The band basically shit their pants. These clowns never took the band serious or thought they would ever leave the basement let alone play in front of a crowd that big.

After some time playing gigs around the country, Reggie got arthritis and had to put the sticks down and couldn't’t commit to playing anymore. Dennis not knowing what to do, did what any real rocker would do, he said fuck you and kept playing.

After some searching, he came across the drummer from the band Patriotic front. This little shit name VD. He was like 16 but the kid wailed on the drums. So he became the new drummer. Tumor after few gigs bailed out.
So at this point Dennis decided that it would not be cool to keep the Dying Breed name, and more the music into a different Direction.

The Machine Is Born.

Under the new name H8machine, the song went from underground old school hardcore, to a more refined hardcore with catchier beats. Shit that was not heard in the scene at the time. The First Cd came out, called Cheated. This took the scene by storm; it was a more mainstream sound and actually was played regularly on a radio station in Vegas.

They had all this cool music but no bass player.
They got booked up for a gig in Georgia, and through the usual connections, got paired up with Roy of Final War, whom at the time was playing for Aggressive Force, this was before final war even began.
From there on Roy became the permanent bass player for the band. He was the final addition that we needed to make this complete.
Final War came out and rocked the world, making Roy crazy busy being a complete rock star. The machine only played a few gigs. But his gave them time to write some new material.

Hardcore for Life was born.
This shit was just raw; the production was not too hot. That wasn't’t intentional though.
But the cd gave a new breath to the band.

So the search was on again for a Fuckin Bass player. Drinking many times in Maryland, one dude always hung out. So we grabbed him up. Jake Snake from the Mary Skin Crew.
Jake is a kickass bass player as well, and was willing to rock with the machine.
Playing gigs with us in Europe as well as the states.

After some gay shit, Jake was not able to play with us. Roy was back in the picture and continued to be an integral part of the band.

Up till now h8machie was always a 3 piece. But Dennis being the presence that he is, muscles an all. Wanted to be up front so he can mingle with the crowd better. So he put the guitar down and was able to play some gigs, just as a singer. He was now able to fall in the crowd, And act like an idiot.

Years later after everyone hoped that they would go away; they came out with some new shit. VD was rocking with Joe Frustration, of the band Joe Frustration and the Heart Breakers. Dennis came in to see what was up. Some how talked his way into maybe singing for this new band.
After doing that, once. They all decided to just make this shit h8machine.
”One Less Reason to Smile” was born.

With Joe in the lineup, this cd turned out crazy. Some crazy ass break downs and awesome singing.

Without all the people that played with us, this band would have never made it. All the jerks that supported us, and were there, we will never forget.
That was way to long and spent way too much time writing this. If you were not part of the times, you suck and missed out on some cool shit.
For those that were there, thanks for the good times!!!



H8Machine (2) - Cheated album art H8Machine (2) Cheated (Album) Panzerfaust Records US 2001 Sell This Version
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