Susanna Ronconi

Susanna Ronconi, born in 1950 in Venice, entered the Red Brigades at the beginning of 1974 at the age of twenty- three, having been active in the feminist movemen since the late 60's.
She was founder of Prima Linea (Front Line) and former member of the Red Brigades.
Prima Linea (Front Line) was an Italian, Marxist-Leninist, organization of the 1970s committed to the armed struggle. It was formed in 1976 by members of hard-line factions within the far left, extra-parliamentary organization Lotta Continua, which disbanded that year, together with members of Potere Operaio and of other far left groups. By 1982 it had carried out more than twenty assassinations.
Prima Linea was the second terrorist organization in Italy, second only to the Red Brigades, in membership and influence.

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