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Teatro Satanico is an Italian experimental electronic project from Bassano Del Grappa (Vicenza). Formed in 1993 by Devis Granziera (also known as DeviLs G.) and Alberto Maria Kundalini.
Devis G. is the only permanent member of Teatro Satanico. Various artists have appeared on several releases, such as Tairy Ceron (Ait!), Sissy Biasin, Spectrae (Ain Soph), Clau D.E.D.I. (ex-Ain Soph) and many others.
Teatro Satanico was never involved in police-raid. Some year ago the project has been inquired with negative outcome. The famous "Confesso Tutto!" is only a bizarre and ironic song about an imaginative girl assassination. This track is a mockery versus the judge that has accused Teatro Satanico in the early '90.
On the early releases Teatro Satanico appear as "Teatro Satanico Charles Manson". , Bandcamp
Members:Alberto Maria Kundalini, Alessandro Fiorin Damiani, Devis Granziera, Kalamun, Mauro Martinuz, Nathalie Antonello
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