Babe Ruth (2)

Babe Ruth (2)

Real Name:
George Herman Ruth, Jr.
Born: February 6, 1895, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Died: August 16, 1948, New York City, New York, USA

Famous American baseball player.

Other nicknames include:
"The Great Bambino"
"The Sultan of Swat"
"The King of Crash"
"The Colossus of Clouts"


Babe Ruth (2) Discography


#19 Joe Louis, Jack Sharkey (2), Babe Ruth (2) Joe Louis, Jack Sharkey (2), Babe Ruth (2) - Joe Louis Vs. Jack Sharkey(LP, Album, Ltd, Num) The Radiola Company #19 Unknown Sell This Version


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January 25, 2016
Why "infamous"? As a Swede, I have no interest in baseball whatsoever - I find only cricket to be even more tedious, and what I know of Babe Ruth is what I've learned from some biopics and reading through the years. Apart from being a popular candy bar (not available in Sweden...), I know 'The Babe' was known as being a hard working, hard drinking, heavy smoking and eating womanizer, a devoted Roman Catholic (I'm an atheist myself...) who died too early, aged 53 just like my father and oldest brother, probably due to his habits (throat cancer).

But when hardly anyone acted judgemental during his time (his many records stood for decades) in the 20s and 30s - how come Discogs (a Dutch company...) sees him as "infamous"? I don't see you calling Elvis (whom he shares his death date with...) or The Rolling Stones (to name but a few) infamous...

Gentlemen, pls. do your homework! Here's a little help:

/Jörg Ausfelt