Han Hong

Real Name:
Hán Hóng
Singer/songwriter of ethnic Tibetan and Han Chinese origin, born in Xigaze in 1971. Her mother is a well known Tibetan folk singer and although she wanted to follow in her mother's steps, a love for pop music made her chose a different path. Her music mainly deals with Tibetan themes but she is also influenced by Jazz, R-n-B, Rock-n-Roll and Latin music, which are all reflected in her work. She is able to shift quite easily from piercing high pitches to soft low tones. Han Hong is also one of the few famous singers in China who is also an accomplished songwriter. Since she started composing in 1993 she has written a number of popular songs for other singers.

The rise to stardom came unexpected to many people in her surroundings since she didn't have the typical looks associated with a successful popstar. She has now established her own label intending to explore and train more talented singers, giving them a helping hand on the rocky road.

Simplified Chinese: 韩红
Traditional Chinese: 韓紅
Pinyin: Hán Hóng

Tibetan: དབྱངས་ཅན་སྒྲོལ་མ་, Ingdzin Droma
Simplified Chinese: 央金卓玛
Traditional Chinese: 央金卓瑪
Pinyin: Yāngjīn Zhuōmǎ
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