Steve Rachmad

Real Name:Steve Jerome Rachmad

Dutch techno producer, DJ and remixer. At the age of 12 he starts buying his first records: to mix, remix, and cut-and-paste their parts with an open reel tape deck. In such a cut-and-paste fashion, he presented his first release in the mid-1980s. Among these early releases was also the one created for a hip-house/dance artist Tony Scott. From that time on, Steve finds his inspiration in the 1980s dance and electro, works of former Time members (Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis), The System, Arthur Baker, to name but a few. At the age of 15, he also starts his DJing career with a disco set in a small Amsterdam club. Nevertheless, his love for music urges him to start buying equipment, which would later result in a professional studio. His equipment is mainly analogue, providing him with a chance to explore the realms of warm, alive, non-static sounds. He laid the corner stone of this collection in 1985, by getting a TR-808. A year later he gets introduced to the house music. His attention is captured by the new sounds echoing mostly from Detroit and Chicago. He has releases on labels such as Klockworks, Mote Evolver, Cocoon, Underwater, Fragile, M-Plant, Tresor, Sino, Delsin, Music Man, Artless, etc. He also worked part-time in the Outland Records shop in Amsterdam in his early years. For full biography and info check his website. , Facebook , Facebook , X , Instagram , Soundcloud , YouTube , , , ,
Aliases:A Scorpion's Dream, Adverse Match, Black Scorpion, Continuous Cool, Didato, Dreg, Esteban del Monte, Flexible, Ignacio, Norma G, Parallel 9, Publiq Space, Rachmad Project, Scorp, Sterac, Sterac Electronics, The Lonely Guy, Tons Of Tones, V.C.P.
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