Real Name:
Richard Elliott
DJ/Producer, Richard Elliott has had a love of electronics and music since childhood. Combining the two, he has been building his own synthesizers and producing electronica since the 1980s. He started producing on his trusted Commodore 64 and has progressed to using a range of analogue and digital hardware over the years. Richie first got his own music played out in a club called 'Tekno Dreem' in Peterborough UK, back in 1989.

Since then, Richie has teamed up with several other artists as a producer, and has had much success releasing many singles in various genres of electronic music throughout the 1990's up until the present day.

He is often booked for live performances, and continues to use his home made synthesizers in his productions, and has now gone back to his roots in Electro under the moniker LektroiD.
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LEKLP 001 Lektroid - Electro-Funk Selection album art Lektroid Electro-Funk Selection(10xFile, MP3) LEK Productions LEKLP 001 UK 2012
LEKLP 002 Lektroid - Quantum Theory album art Lektroid Quantum Theory(15xFile) LEK Productions LEKLP 002 UK 2014
LEKLP003 Lektroid - Beyond Theory album art Lektroid Beyond Theory(File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, 3,5", 5.25", Album) LEK Productions LEKLP003 UK 2017


LEKMP3002 Lektroid - Hearts Of Space album art LektroiD Hearts Of Space(File, MP3, 320) LEK LEKMP3002 UK 2012
LEKMP3001 Lektroid - Journey album art Lektroid Journey(File, MP3) LEK LEKMP3001 2012
LEKMP3003 Lektroid - Astral album art LektroiD Astral(File, MP3 + File, MP3, All) LEK LEKMP3003 UK 2012