Kaos Klitoriano

Kaos Klitoriano

And at once a decade since the first Kaos Klitoriano team. One bande that always used to belongs to Distirto Federal hardcore scene and of coure as a front amazons dealing with feminist ideology. In that that the band line up was: Adriana (gt) Carla (dr) and Clerimar (bs). Since 1993 as a primal band to fight for the rights of females in Brasilia, when they are the only band with this porposal, specially because wasn..t none female bands there. Kaos Klitoriano used to participate as members from Brazil MAP ( Anarcho Punk Movement). The lyrics are so pretty acid, dealing with very polemic themes as: abortion, social equality, freedom to lesbians and gays, and politics issues, and live on stage, the girlz are so fast and so noisly loud like most of the hadcore old school bands. Adriana is a band leader and she used to wrote most of the compositions. They released a split LP with Kólica (female band from SP), this debut album is very very good. Then nowadays, finally, after some changes and trades within the band, Kaos Klitoriano decide to back and with the original formation.


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Fax-002 Kólica / Kaos Klitoriano Kólica / Kaos Klitoriano - Kólica / Kaos Klitoriano(LP, Red) Faca Discos Fax-002 Brazil 2000 Sell This Version

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