Alaska Y Dinarama


Spanish Pop/Rock band formed in 1982. After the disbandment of Alaska Y Los Pegamoides, former member Ignacio Canut pursued a new project called "Dinarama", along with former band mate Carlos Berlanga as vocalist. After some less satisfactory attempts, they eventually decided to have a female vocalist instead, and invited former band mate Alaska to join, which led to the new band name "Alaska Y Dinarama".
They disbanded in 1989, and members Alaska and Ignacio Canut went on to form the band Fangoria.

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Members:Angel Altolaguirre, Carlos García Berlanga, Ignacio Canut, Javier De Amezúa, Johnny Canut, Juan Carlos Aured, Luis Miguélez, Marcos Mantero, Olvido Gara
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