Sonic Subjunkies

The band consists of shouter Holger Phrack, industrial musician Rob Marvin and their musical mastermind Thaddi. Formed in the autumn of 1992, the trio released their first EP "Suburban Soundtracks Volume 1" (DHR 3) blasting their own sonic anarchy with implausibly fast, panic-driven breakbeats, diseased acidlines and heavy metal industrial cacophony.

At first glance Thaddi and Rob Marvin come across as peaceable, easily wound-up computer boffins, playing computer games and living their lives through modems.

In early '95 The Sonic Subjunkies released their second EP "Turntable Terrorist" (DHR 5).

Thaddi also produced and co-wrote "Signe Says" and "Straight Outa Berlin" for Killout Trash, another Berlin based digital hardcore act featured on the compilation album "Harder Than The Rest" (DHR CD/LP 2).

Thaddi also was a DJ for radio KISS FM Berlin. The show was called Radio Massive and was all about Drum'n'Bass. He co-hosted the show with Bassdee.