Dave Luxton

Dave Luxton is the creator of atmospheric soundscapes and ambient electronic music. He is the founder of the Pacific Northwest based Wayfarer Records label and is a music producer. As a classically trained multi-instrumentalist composer, his filmscores cover the gamut of musical styles.



040408-02 Dave Luxton - Hidden Music album art Dave Luxton Hidden Music(CD) Wayfarer Records 040408-02 2008 Sell This Version
093009-05 Dave Luxton - The Divided Line album art Dave Luxton The Divided Line(CD) Wayfarer Records 093009-05 2009 Sell This Version
122110-11 Dave Luxton - Dark Moon album art Dave Luxton Dark Moon(CD) Wayfarer Records 122110-11 2010 Sell This Version
62810-10 Dave Luxton - Portal album art Dave Luxton Portal(CD) Wayfarer Records 62810-10 2010 Sell This Version
100411-16 Dave Luxton - Music From The Firmament: A Space Ambient Collection album art Dave Luxton Music From The Firmament: A Space Ambient Collection(CD) Wayfarer Records 100411-16 USA & Canada 2011 Sell This Version
080111-14 Dave Luxton - Dreams Ghosts and Parallel Universes album art Dave Luxton Dreams Ghosts and Parallel Universes(CDr, Pro) Wayfarer Records 080111-14 US 2011 Sell This Version
050812-20 Dave Luxton - Singularity In Sound album art Dave Luxton Singularity In Sound(CD) Wayfarer Records 050812-20 2012 Sell This Version
103012-22 Dave Luxton - Collected Ambient Works album art Dave Luxton Collected Ambient Works(CD) Wayfarer Records 103012-22 2012 Sell This Version
09032013-25 Dave Luxton - Fuzzy Music album art Dave Luxton Fuzzy Music(CD) Wayfarer Records 09032013-25 USA & Canada 2013 Sell This Version
102114-28 Dave Luxton - Remnants album art Dave Luxton Remnants(CD) Wayfarer Records 102114-28 USA, Canada & Europe 2014 Sell This Version
10202015-30 Dave Luxton - Strange Environs album art Dave Luxton Strange Environs(CD, Album) Wayfarer Records 10202015-30 USA, Canada & Europe 2015 Sell This Version
053116-32 Dave Luxton - Ascent of Being album art Dave Luxton Ascent of Being(CD) Wayfarer Records 053116-32 2016 Sell This Version
010516-31 Dave Luxton - Music for Science and Stargazing album art Dave Luxton Music for Science and Stargazing(CD, Album) Wayfarer Records 010516-31 USA, Canada & Europe 2016 Sell This Version
08232016-33 Dave Luxton - Phantom Circuits album art Dave Luxton Phantom Circuits(CD) Wayfarer Records 08232016-33 USA & Canada 2016 Sell This Version
022018-36 Dave Luxton - Explorations of Infinity album art Dave Luxton Explorations of Infinity(CDr, Album) Wayfarer Records 022018-36 USA, Canada & Europe 2018 Sell This Version