La Makita Soma

Real Name:
Markus Willbee, Lee Chameleon, Todd Marek, Dan Snazzelle, Travis Stewart, Mach What, Jay Dandurand, James Bontempo, Mr. Darren King
Cycling back to the year of our lord 1996 we find the initial triumvirate, Mark Ludemann, Todd Marek and Brian Buckman, riding strange squares of peculiar chemicals, orbiting birth from the gray glare of a newly purchased Alpha Juno 1. At the Patterson Compound in Northern Chicago, the midmorning sun would caste its lazer glow onto the circuitry of this loving machine invoking the Reverend Raoul Sunshine - Peace be upon His name! - to basque his gaze upon these young, drug-addled chimps. In rectitude of His Eternal Loving Kindness, the Reverand Raoul Sunshine - Peace Be Upon His Name! - bestowed Roger the Deer to instruct these young men in the way of the Orange Forever. Obeying, the three were struck dumb in the spirit.

As tongues and loops rained in jelly helmets and flesh making rabbits belched Sun drops on the eyes of the disciples, the resonanant hum of their machine - and in turn the name La Makita Soma - took breath from the boys. The Good Reverend flashed a hairy knuckle forth and ordered the explorers into the tumult of creation prescribed with the task of casting Pleasure onto the tired human race, to the act of spitting Love down the swollen throats of a people grown bored and sexless from the clamour of too many piss poor records and danceless nights. Lifting the lips of their esteemed and humble guide Roger, the young cretins stepped inside the New Soma Machine, blessed themselves in windowpanes and strapped in for the strange and beautiful ride.

Under Roger's benign guidance La Makita Soma spent their nights playing Chicago's legendary Lounge Ax, alongside such bands as Bright Eyes, Heroic Doses, Smog, 90 Day Men, Euphone, Illium, Lullaby for the Working Class, Weragazi, Cakelike, Mercury Program, Sweep the Leg Johnny, The Plastics Hi-Fi, The Movere Project, and Joan of Arc.

During this time Todd and Mark were joined by Dan Snazelle (Bill Ding) on guitar, and Jay Dandurand (Lustre King drummer). It was this form that La Makita Soma would use to record the soundtrack for New York film maker Andy Grieve's documentary on dreaming.

Adding Mr. King on trumpet, James Bontempo (Lupine) on vibes, and Bob Truti on percussion, LMS headed to Steve Albini's Electric Audio to record their first full length, 1998's "Monkey Island" (Abridged Records). The album featured a guest appearance by the irrepressible DJ Desi on turntables and Woodchuck on violin. "Monkey Island" spent 8 weeks in the top 200 on the CMJ charts, debuting at *140* and peaking at *78*.

Feeling the oppression of gravity at the sudden departure of Roger, Mark, Todd, and Dan headed south to refine their craft and reflect on the meaning of their enigmatic moniker. It was during this retreat that they met their new drummer, Derek Ervin, and guitarist, Travis Stewart. It was the hot and humid days of the southern summers that sent LMS touring Midwestern colleges and electronic music festivals, performing at conferences such as South by Southwest. In 2000, under strict guidance from Reverend Raoul Sunshine - Peace Be Upon His Name! - La Makita Soma returned to Chicago to record their second full length, "Brighton Park" (Someoddpilot Records). The album featured a cameo by underground hip hop star, Hi-Fidel.

While tracking "Brighton Park", La Makita Soma ended their retreat returning to the Windy City in service of the Orange Forever. Mike Whyte replaced Dan Snazelle on keyboards and LMS was now playing with bands such as The Baldwin Brothers, Smokey and Miho, the Timeout Drawer, VHS or Beta, K-rad, Salvo Beta, and the Mystechs at venues such as the Double Door, Scubas and the Empty Bottle, dipping the ears of a quivering urban indie rock scene in the ambrosia of the Orange Forever.


ABR10 La Makita Soma - Monkey Island album art La Makita Soma Monkey Island(CD, Album) Abridged Records ABR10 US 1999 Sell This Version
SOPR004 La Makita Soma - Brighton Park album art La Makita Soma Brighton Park(CD, Album) Someoddpilot Records SOPR004 US 2001 Sell This Version

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