Blondie rlbuntin

April 18, 2019
Why is Parallel Lines (1978) displaying ahead of (above) Plastic Letters (1977)? Is this a quirk or is it fixable?

Blondie Rich.C

January 19, 2017
In contrast to the heroin-fueled, raw Garage power offered by the Stooges, the stilettos-and-lipstick Glam of the New York Dolls, and the turtlenecked, literary-minded experimentalism of the Talking Heads, Blondie were the embodiment of sweetly seductive, powder-puff pop wrapped in Punk sandpaper. Built on a foundation of wistful '60s girl-group pop spiked with tough-chick lyricism, Blondie walked a fine line between innocent good girl/seductive bad girl imagery: in their songs, the dewy-eyed sex kitten may have been purring contentedly, but her claws were razor sharp.
The formula worked well enough for the band to become a major mainstream force -- vocalist Debbie Harry's striking beauty was certainly no hindrance -producing New Wave hits that appealed to types far beyond those who frequented CBGB's. The band continued to create new, inventive music by covering obscure artists (the Nerves, the Paragons) and delving into then-widely unexplored genres (Ska, reggae, rap), cementing their reputation as founding Punk figures and musical experimentalists.

Blondie simonr69

January 24, 2019
edited 6 months ago
Nicely written but Harry, Stein and Destri were legendary heroin addicts ! Steeped in NY sleaze since 1974 ? Their 1980 fame made it easier to hide it.

Blondie REENO

October 2, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
???? He is reviewing the band, in a comprehensive and knowledgeable way. Saying a band is "Nice" tells us NOTHING.

Blondie Sudiyono

August 6, 2017
sometimes you can just say that a band is nice lol. music isn't meant to be put into words anyways