Real Name:
Piotr Mazur
DJ and Producer from Poland

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Beattraax is a producer, composer and DJ mixing mainly Electro House, Techno, Tech Trance and Progresive. He has been playing in almost all well-known clubs and discos in Poland improving his abilities of mixing live.Thanks to such experience he became one of the best Polish DJs. He has been a producer for many years, creating his works at home studio. Beattraax released a few records and a video clip. His songs are reaching tops of the commercial hit charts on stations such as Rmf Maxxx, Eska or Radio Station. His two biggest passions are composing and mixing music.

Beattraax (Piotr Mazur) was born on 1979 in Poland. Since he remember he always dreamt about creating his own music. He began the adventure with composing in 1990r when he bought a simple synthesizers and started experimenting with sounds. After few years he started composing his own music. The styles that inspired him and had a great influence on Beattraax were: minimal, drum 'n' sunfish, house, techno but most of the time he devoted to club music. In 1997 he decided to share his work and to present it for the first time in public. Thanks to Andrzej Szaromety from Radio Opole, he managed to play his first composition during the broadcast in the programme Radio Wodzirej. What is more, he gave the first interviews at Warsaw's radio stations while being invited by Bogdan FabiaĂąski. For the first time he started playing at clubs: Millennium, Skippens, Discoplex A4, the Aztec and others. He have also played on Piastonalia in 2002 and 2003 in a students' club "KocioÂł", which unfortunately does not exist any more. He started to participate in his first competitions. After many attempts he finally received the price for the best club DJ during the competition DJ 2003 Pop in Katowice and DJ 2004 Pop in WrocÂław. All the time he was improving his abilities of mixing, running parties and he became very good at it, also his music started to be even better and recognized by the public. A turning point in his carrier was the song "Project Well" which quickly sailed on to the wide club waters. This work couldn't be done without Tidbit's (his sister) vocal.

In 2005 he received an offer to release his material in the amount of 40 000 copies that were later put on the cover of the magazine "Dance Zone" with publishing. Suddenly his dreams came true. "Beattraax - Project Well" 9 included: 1. You Now That and Love You (Tidbit vocal edit), 2.Project Well (original mix), 3.Magabeat (max. extended), 4.Project sexy (extended club mix), 5.Ice Cube (extended), 6.Shaden (Tidbit vocal extended), 7.Piper (Tidbit vocal extended), 8.Project Well (extreme club edit), 9.Scratch (vinyl edit). After the release of the material he received hundreds of telephones, messages and e-mails from his fans with congratulations and wishes of good luck. He was asked to perform in clubs and since then he started to fulfill his next dream: playing in clubs. He performed in clubs and discos such as: Venus Planet, Piramida, Sfinks, Energy 2000, Egipteka, Colloseum and others.

Next year was full of musical challenges, full of work but at the same time very pleasant period for Beattraax. Mainly thanks to his performances in clubs all over Poland, as well as creating new works. "House Emotion" gains a great popularity, as well as the remix "Riva - Away Run". These two songs are being played all the time in clubs. Beattraax has been creating new material and released the next record "House Emotion" which was sold in shops in entire Poland ( publishing). He also tried creating trance however, what was good for him, he came back to his own style.

His new productions maintains the great popularity, works such as "Don't my Leave Alone" and "Beach Party" with Tidbid, "Summer Memories" and a remix of the work "Outwork & Mr Gee - Electro".

2008 and beggining of 2009
Another year is primarily to continue performing in the clubs. Beattraax played in many large and small clubs in Poland. Each of these sites would generate unforgettable memories and unforgettable climat. Piotr also decides to shoot a video for the song House Emotion, implementation of the photos as well as assembly deal with Radek and Roland of formation Alchemist Project. This video is available for download in the music section. Under the end of the year 2008 Beattraax released along with George Vedort'em the latest version of Project Well 2009 and it is this electrohouse production without a recorded videoclip long remained high in the charts Planeta FM radio. Project Well 2009 is also played by Puoteck in Eska Live Remix on the Eska radio.
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DJF-040 Beattraax - Project Well / Destiny album art Beattraax / Groovebusterz Beattraax / Groovebusterz - Project Well / Destiny(CD, Maxi, Promo) Dee Jay Mix Club DJF-040 Poland 2006 Sell This Version


none Beattraax Summer Memories (First Club Mix)(File, MP3, 224) Not On Label (Beattraax Self-Released) none Poland 2010
none Beattraax Drum Boy (Guitar Club Mix)(File, MP3, 224) Not On Label (Beattraax Self-Released) none Poland 2011
none Beattraax Manou Planet (Original Mix)(File, MP3, 224) Not On Label (Beattraax Self-Released) none Poland 2012
none Beattraax Sensation Sea (Original Trance Mix)(File, MP3, 320) Not On Label (Beattraax Self-Released) none Poland 2013
none Beattraax Magabeat (Extended Mix)(File, MP3, 160) Not On Label (Beattraax Self-Released) none Poland 2013
none Beattraax Project Well (Tidbit Vocal Extended)(File, MP3, 256) Not On Label (Beattraax Self-Released) none Poland Unknown
none Beattraax Ice Cube (Extended Mix)(File, MP3, 320) Not On Label (Beattraax Self-Released) none Poland Unknown

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