J K Walker

Real Name:John Stembridge

John began his musical interests at the age 11 after hearing the song "Unfinished Sympathy" by Massive Attack, also around the same time as the KLF. At the age of 13 he began creating music with an old Amiga 500 using a crude tracker program.

Eventually he and his studio partner Mark Dearden began accumulating hardware and a friend (Steve Knight) was so impressed that he passed the tracks onto his record company (Alpha Magic) who then proceeded to enlist John and Mark onto their artist roster. Over the next three years they built up a large collection of remix and original productions and with them a solid fan base. As time passed John has been asked to play all over the UK and abroad including Australia.

JK Walker has often been described as "The UK's answer to the might Scot Project" and has received accolade from the scene's leading artists and producers.
Formerly known as Jay Walker. He apparently changed his artist name at the end of 2003.

Sites:Soundcloud , Facebook
Aliases:Anti Matter (2), Apogee (2), John Stembridge, MTW
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