Real Name:Gòtic

Spanish 70s progressive rock/symphonic rock band from Catalonia. Their history goes back to the schooldays of Jordi Vilaprinyó and Jordi Martí who started out as the organ and drums duo "Jordis" and was initially inspired by the music of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. After the group expanded, adding influences from Genesis, Yes, and "Zeleste’s layetana music", they arrived at a multicultural cross-polination of styles and eventually Gòtic was born in 1976. The band recorded Gotic - Escenes in 1977 (released in 1978) which was a delicate instrumental symphonic progressive rock that featured flute, keyboards/synthesizers and had folk-inspired elements. In 1978, Gòtic recorded some demos during some live sessions at the “Gema-1” recording studios of Barcelona but the band’s record label disliked the tunes considering them “not sophisticated enough”. These demos were eventually released as Gotic - Maqueta in 2014 and Gotic - Gegants I Serpentines in 2016. Soon after these recordings and unable to secure a record deal, the band split up.
Members:Jep Nuix, Jordi Martí, Jordi Vilaprinyó, Rafael Escoté
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