Basque folk music band, formed in Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain) in the early 70s. 'Oskorri' means "red sunset" in Basque.

His first album, released in 1976, pays homage to the poems of Gabriel Aresti. Year after year they have been notable for their ability to work and capacity for experimentation. They began fusing jazz with traditional Basque instruments, until they have come to find a defining style within the European folk scene. It is one of the most veteran folk bands from Spain.


Natxo de Felipe (percussion, guitar, vocals)
Antón Latxa (acoustic guitar, vocals)
Bixente Martínez (electric guitar, mandolin)
Xabier Zeberio (violin, vocals)
Gorka Euscauriaza (bass)
Iñigo Egia (percussion)
Josu Salbide (alboka, txirula (recorder), pipes)

Old members:

Zelaida Biurrun (violin, 1975-77)
Polin Gurrea (saxophone, flute, 1975-77, 1981-84)
Karlos Jiménez (flute, saxophone, clarinet, percussion, keyboards, 1977-79)
Santi Jiménez (double bass, bombardon, vocals, 1977-79)
José Manuel Cacho (violin, 1980-81)
Aingeru Berguices (bass, trikitixa - accordion, 1980-84)
Joserra Fernández (alboka, txirula, harmonica, flute, 1981-91)
Fran Lasuen (violin, vocals, 1981-92)
Txarli de Pablo (bass, double bass, 1984-2003)
José Urrejola (flute, saxophone, flageolet, 1986-2003), Aitor Gorostiza (alboka, txirula, txistu, bagpipe, tin whistle, 1991-93)
Juantxe Aguiar (violin, vocals, timple, 1993-96)
Iker Goneaga (trikitixa)



S 81771 Oskorri - Gabriel Arestiren Oroimenez album art Oskorri Gabriel Arestiren Oroimenez (Album) CBS S 81771 Spain 1976 Sell This Version
56770 Oskorri - Mosen Bernat Etxepare 1545 album art Oskorri Mosen Bernat Etxepare 1545 (Album) CBS 56770 Spain 1977 Sell This Version
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X-10.150 Oskorri - Plazarik Plaza album art Oskorri Plazarik Plaza (Album) Xoxoa X-10.150 Spain 1980 Sell This Version
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ELK-76 Oskorri - Alemanian Euskaraz album art Oskorri Alemanian Euskaraz (Album) Elkar ELK-76 Spain 1984 Sell This Version
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KD-453/4 Oskorri - 25 Kantu Urte album art Oskorri 25 Kantu Urte(2xCD, Album) Elkar KD-453/4 Spain 1996 Sell This Version
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ELK KD-469-470 Oskorri - & The Pub Ibiltaria 1 album art Oskorri & The Pub Ibiltaria 1(2xCD) Elkar ELK KD-469-470 Spain 1997 Sell This Version
KD-487/488 Oskorri - & The Pub Ibiltaria 2 album art Oskorri & The Pub Ibiltaria 2(2xCD) Elkarlanean KD-487/488 Spain 1998 Sell This Version
KD-556 Oskorri - Ura album art Oskorri Ura(CD, Album) Elkarlanean KD-556 Spain 2000 Sell This Version
KD-545/546 Oskorri - & The Pub Ibiltaria 4 album art Oskorri & The Pub Ibiltaria 4(2xCD) Elkarlanean KD-545/546 Spain 2000 Sell This Version
KD-597 Oskorri - Vizcayatik... Bizkaiara album art Oskorri Vizcayatik... Bizkaiara(CD, Album) Elkar KD-597 Spain 2001 Sell This Version
KD-645 Oskorri - Desertore album art Oskorri Desertore(CD, Album, Mixed) Elkar KD-645 Spain 2003 Sell This Version
KD/DVD856 Oskorri - Dantza kontra dantza album art Oskorri Dantza kontra dantza(CD, Album + DVD-V, PAL) Elkar KD/DVD856 Spain 2011 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

CBS 3786 Oskorri - Aita-semeak album art Oskorri Aita-semeak(7", Single) CBS CBS 3786 Spain 1975 Sell This Version
CBS 4870 Oskorri - Gora Ta Gora Beti album art Oskorri Gora Ta Gora Beti(7", Single) CBS CBS 4870 Spain 1976 Sell This Version
CBS 4438 Oskorri - Egia Da  album art Oskorri Egia Da (7", Single) CBS CBS 4438 Spain 1976 Sell This Version