Gunnar Thyrestam

Real Name:Olof Gunnar Thyrestam

Swedish composer, church musician and music teacher, born 11 October 1900 in Gävle, Gävleborgs län, died 23 February 1984 in Gävle, Gävleborgs län.

He studied at the Stockholm Conservatory of Music 1925-1930, graduated as an organist in 1927, a degree in church singing in 1928 and a degree in music teaching in 1929. He also studied at the Conservatory of Music in Potsdam and was an organist and music teacher in Sandviken 1930-1938, organist in Ljusnarsberg parish. church in Gävle from 1955.

Thyrestam was a prolific composer of mainly church music, but also profane music, including the folk language opera Mistingshälla. He wrote remarkably many organ concerts (at least 18) - in his case, works for organ solo in most cases. His compositions are represented in The Swedish Psalm Book 1986 with two works (nos. 156 and 296) (as well as the first composition to no. 255). One of his larger works was a Te Deum for choir and orchestra, performed at the Church Song Festival in Gothenburg in 1953

Thyrestam became an honorary member of Gästrike-Hälsinge nation in Uppsala in 1961, was elected to the Royal Academy of Music in 1962 as an associée and was transferred in 1971 to a regular member. He was awarded the Swedish Church Singers' Association's large gold medal and the Gävle City Culture Prize.

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