Formed in 1980 in New York City, KONK was a band that emerged during a period marked by the post-punk/new wave and disco scenes which were prevalent at the time. KONK won the attention of both scenes by playing a hybrid of the two musical styles which involved the blending of a new wave attitude with the carefree nature of disco's dance crowd. KONK's musical influences ranged from Afrobeat, jazz, and funk to hip hop. Given these influence KONK's style is noted as being highly percussive, and containing simple, yet strong, backing bass lines. As part of New York’s post-punk dance scene they regularly played alongside groups such as Liquid Liquid, Bush Tetras, ESG, The Peech Boys and The Lounge Lizards. They have been featured in a recent book by David Byrne and others on the New York post-punk scene. , Facebook , Instagram , YouTube
Members:Angel Quinones, Dana Vlcek, Geordie Gillespie, Jonathan Schneider, Ken Sitz, Richard Edson, Scott Gillis, Shannon Dawson




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