DJ Git Hyper

Real Name:Erwin Zimmerman

Dutch DJ, producer and record store owner, born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Bought some records already but it wasn’t until 1986 he got fascinated by the Hip Hop / Rap culture. After recording some tracks at home, cuttin’ & pastin’ with his 2 tapedecks, it was in the spring of 1989 he made his debut on stage. He became a member of Hip Hop groups like “ Mega Dope” & “Def Force”. But soon enough Mc Def Rhymes asked him to become a member of the “Supersonic Cru” , a group that was already makin’ it to the top in the Netherlands. Especially when “Git Hyper” started to make the beats, things really got started for this group as they were both adored by dedicated b-boys & r&b followers at the time. Soon enough “Git Hyper” started to produce for many mc’s that were around at that time. “Hurricane (Sugacane)” , MC Sayquan (USA), Musical Messengers, Criminal Ced, Secret Recipe (earlier “Postmen” formation) & many more. By 1993 he has asked to join the jazz formation “S.F.E.Q.” . In that same year he recorded the CD “Low Impact” with this group & started to tour around Germany, Finland, Spain & Turkey with them. In 1994 he did 4 gigs in New York’s “Knitting Factory” & by the time they got back in their country the 2nd CD “Nunks Pays” was released. Next couple of years the group recorded 3 more CD’s with him & toured intensely through Europe. In 1997 he recorded his debut solo album “Zimmerman 1” , a year later followed by “ Zimmerman 2”. Both cd’s got fantastic reviews all over the Benelux. S.F.E.Q. started to tour as “S.F.E.Q. plays Zimmerman” which was a huge success at the time. When S.F.E.Q. drummer Stefan Kruger started his own group “Zuco 103”, he asked “Git” to join him. They recorded their debut album with the inclusion of “Git” named “Outro Lado” which was released worldwide. “Git” made the infamous “Amazonia mix” of “Brasilectro” (a term they invented!) which was released in the U.S. as CD-single & was featured on their “Other Side of Outro Lado” CD. With Zuco 103 “Git Hyper” toured worldwide: Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Macedonia, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, the U.K., France, etc. etc. “Git Hyper” also dj’d all around the country in clubs & venues as “Paradiso, Nighttown, het Paard, Winkel van Sinkel, Club de Ville, Westergasfabriek, de Blauw Vis, Stalker, Rotown, Off_Corso, Dodorama, Las Palmas, Dance Valley, Beachbop etc. He also went abroad playing in Scotland’s “Scratch” & France’s “Technoparade”. He also did lots of guest appearances with “TDLC, New Cool Collective, Medicamento, Sub Sound System, Eric Vloeimans, Hans Dulfer” & made 2 12”s with gabber king “Paul Elstak” which were compiled on dozens of compilation cd’s. He has done some incredible work throughout the years. Working with the “Metropole Orchestra” that did some tracks of him live on stage. Also the “Residentie Orchestra” played with him, doin’ a 30 minute tribute to the “Ultimate Breaks & Beats” series. He also played with Valery Gergiev who did a show with the “Young Philharmonic Orchestra” featuring “Git Hyper”. He’s been on numerous television shows in the Netherlands & became the household dj in the “Comedy Factory” in 1999 in which he was featured some almost a decade. Many people might also know him as the dj of the late-night show “Raymann is Laat”. By 2000 he received the “National Phonographic” award together with Urban Dance Squad’s dj “DNA” for his archievements in the turntable field. He had a own radio show, wrote reviews for magazines, makes music for commercials & tv-shows, plays funk & soul on the funk nights of “Loosefit” , is dj reverie on the Dutch “Soundclash” editions, makes a dozen of remixes each year, plays with & produces for dutch Hip Hop group “Duvelduvel”& was part of Caro Emerald's band.
In 2020 he started his project "Zimmerwax" , Wikipedia , Instagram
Aliases:Erwin Zimmerman
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