Jean-Marc Lederman

Real Name:
Jean-Marc Lederman
Seasoned Belgian electronic artist whose first release was with a punk band called Streets in 1977. He moved on to Digital Dance before moving to London and playing with Fad Gadget, Matt Johnson, Gene Loves Jezebel and his own project Kid Montana, which started out as a solo act and developed into a band. His most successful project was The Weathermen with Tuxedomoon's Bruce Geduldig. Jean-Marc assumed the aliases Patricia Hearst and Jimmyjoe Snark III, while Bruce was Susanna Stammer and Chuck B. The Weathermen split in '92 and he did some work with Front 242, composed themes for games and CD Roms, and recorded with Julianne Regan (All About Eve) as Jules et Jim. The Weathermen reformed in 2003 and released a new album, "Deeper", in 2004. They released "Embedded With The Weathermen" in 2006 and PIAS released "The Last Communiqué from The Weathermen (?)" in 2007.

He joined team with several singers (Julianne Regan, Sam Devos, Raya and Sophie from Dark Poem, Bertrand Burgalat,...) under the name of La Femme Verte and they released "Small Distortions" in 2010.

In 2012, Jean-Marc Lederman and lyricist/part time singer Jacques Duvall released "Romania" under the name of Leatherman.

In 2011, Jean-Marc Lederman and Frank Spinath released "Shipwrecks" as Ghost & Writer. They released a second album in 2013 "Red Flags".

In 2014 Jean-Marc Lederman began working with vocalist Mari Kattman using the moniker Mari & The Ghost.
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