Kim Larsen

Kim Larsen

Real Name:
Kim Melius Flyvholm Larsen
If anyone, Kim Larsen (b. October 23, 1945, Copenhagen) would be the single most popular artist of danish pop and rock music for the last quarter of the 20th century, as the unofficial leader of Gasolin' in the 70's and as the best-selling solo artist of the 80's and partly the 90's.
In 1969 he founded Gasolin' with Franz Beckerlee and Willi Jønsson (later joined by drummer Søren Berlev) and by their third album in 1973 they had grown to be the leading danish rock band. The bands characteristics were Franz Beckerlee's Hendrix-inspired guitar licks and the bands easy to sing along with blend of streetwise and social-romantic lyrics, that even when credited to the band and lyricist Mogens Mogensen clearly was masterminded by Larsen. The bands national stardom continued until growing tensions between Larsen and Beckerlee led to Gasolin' disbanding August 21st, 1978.
During the Gasolin' era Larsen also had side-projects and solo-project. In 1973 he released his first soloalbum, the folkish singer-songwriter album "Værsgo", that has continued to be popular and three decades after it's release was officially marked as part of Kulturkanonen (a list of essential Danish cultural heritage). In 1977 he release an english languaged album recorded in the US in an attempt to achieve the international breakthrough that had failed for Gasolin' a couple of years earlier, but the album failed too. Occationally he released and performed with side-projects Sylvester's Jukebox and Starfuckers (2). He also wrote the 1978 hit "Se venedig og dø" for Lone Kellermann.
Post Gasolin' after a danish languaged pop album, Larsen did a third attempt for international audience with the group Kim Larsen And Jungledreams, this time in a disco/synthpop style. After two albums that proved to fail as well, and Larsen since then stuck to the danish language and a national focus.
That proved instantly succesful. His next album, the 1983 "Midt om natten", sold more than half a million copies. The album was also the soundtrack for his same-titled box office hit movie, which he wrote and co-stared and gave him an "Robert" actors award.
Throughout the 80's with his band Kim Larsen & Bellami he remained at the top of the charts and maintained his status as a national poet and top-selling artist, however by the turn of the decade his popularity has gradually decreased. With his next band, Kim Larsen & Kjukken he has turned his repertoire towards schlagers and lost appeal with the younger half.
Larsens remains one of the most popular artists in Danish popular music history. In total as solo artists Kim Larsen has sold approximately 3 million records, equivalent of 1 record for every 2 danes.
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Kim Larsen Discography Tracks


Kim Larsen Værsgo (Album) CBS Denmark 1973 Sell This Version
Kim Larsen Kim Larsen & Yankee Drengene (Album) CBS Denmark 1977 Sell This Version
Kim Larsen 231045-0637 (Album) CBS Netherlands 1979 Sell This Version
Kim Larsen Jungle Dreams (Album) CBS Netherlands 1981 Sell This Version
Kim Larsen Midt Om Natten (Album) Medley Records Denmark 1983 Sell This Version
Kim Larsen Kim I Cirkus (Album, Comp) Medley Records Denmark 1985 Sell This Version
Kim Larsen Hvem Kan Sige Nej Til En Engel (Album) Medley Records Denmark 1994 Sell This Version
Kim Larsen Mine Damer Og Herrer (Album) Medley Records Denmark 2010 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

CBS 1932 Kim Larsen Maria / Blaffersangen(7", Single) CBS CBS 1932 Denmark 1973 Sell This Version
CBS 2237 Kim Larsen & Søren Bernbom Kim Larsen & Søren Bernbom - Joanna / De Fjorten Astronauter(7", Single) Columbia CBS 2237 Denmark 1974 Sell This Version
CBS 3257 Kim Larsen / Sylvester's Jukebox Kim Larsen / Sylvester's Jukebox - Marken Er Høstet / Gør Mig Varm(7", Single) CBS CBS 3257 Denmark 1975 Sell This Version
Kim Larsen Keep The Fiddlers Playin' / This Is My Life (Single) CBS Denmark 1977 Sell This Version
MDS 101 Stig Møller & Kim Larsen Stig Møller & Kim Larsen - Skovsøen / Hør Nu Her Engang(7", Single) Medley Records MDS 101 Denmark 1978 Sell This Version
CBS 6252 Kim Larsen Sans Souci / Tijuana's Callin'(7", Single) CBS CBS 6252 Scandinavia 1978 Sell This Version
CBS 7873 Kim Larsen Køb Bananer / Sikken En Følelse(7", Single) CBS CBS 7873 Denmark 1979 Sell This Version
CBS 7101 Kim Larsen Ud I Det Blå(7") CBS CBS 7101 Denmark 1979 Sell This Version
CBS 7872 Kim Larsen Dagen Før / 682 A(7", Single) CBS CBS 7872 Scandinavia 1979 Sell This Version
CBS 7908 Kim Larsen Dagen Før / Monkeymand(7", Single) CBS CBS 7908 Scandinavia 1979 Sell This Version
CBS 7871 Kim Larsen Blip-Båt(7", Single) CBS CBS 7871 Scandinavia 1979 Sell This Version
Kim Larsen Donnez-Moi Du Feu (Single, Maxi) CBS, CBS Spain 1981 Sell This Version
49-02653 Kim Larsen Thin Ice(12") Epic 49-02653 US 1981 Sell This Version
PRO 125 Kim Larsen & Jungledreams* Vareprøve - Den Nye Kim Larsen(7", Promo, Single) CBS PRO 125 Denmark 1981 Sell This Version
CBSA 1904 Kim Larsen, Kim Larsen + Jungledreams* Kim Larsen, Kim Larsen + Jungledreams* - Til Tomorrow(7") CBS CBSA 1904 France 1982 Sell This Version
Kim Larsen Rock 'N' Roll City / The Flirt (Single) CBS, CBS France 1981 Sell This Version
Kim Larsen 5 Eiffel (Maxi, MiniAlbum) CBS Scandinavia 1982 Sell This Version