Johnny Aemkel

Tech-House/Minimal DJ & producer from Verona, Italy.
Born: September 5th 1987
Since a child lover of techno music. Start a love for the techno & trance. At the young age of 7 years collecting vinyl and CDs and information on the history of the birth of this genre. At 9 years old he started to experiment and learn DJing thanks to the teachings of his elder brother. For his first time entering a club but despite being a child, to attend to display of his brother behind the console, it was soon love . Since then he has never ceased to frequent the nightclubs. At 11 years old begins to develop a love for production, without anybody’s help Johnny learn the elementary basics of music production with simple programs producing various musical genres from House music to Techno & Trance .... begins to acquire a general knowledge on electronic music reading encyclopedias and doing research on the web.. Skip to Genus Minimal Techno 2 years later and made his first public performance at the age of 16 years playing in famous clubs and not… In 2006 he founded a project called (MINIMAL STARS PROJECT) turning it into a real event with the locals of his beloved Verona along with ANDY SMILE, STEPHAN BARNEM & CADDY JD… Now at the age of 22 years is on the world rankings of best-selling discs!
In May 2010 he founded with his best friend Stephan Barnem, his record label called DIVIDED



DVD002 Johnny Aemkel - Chaotic Kitchen album art Johnny Aemkel Chaotic Kitchen Divided Recordings DVD002 Italy 2010
DVD093 Johnny Aemkel - All In One (Dark Sensation) album art Johnny Aemkel All In One (Dark Sensation)(15xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DVD093 Italy 2012
DVD107 Johnny Aemkel - Dark Side The Mind (The Remixes) album art Johnny Aemkel Dark Side The Mind (The Remixes)(10xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DVD107 Italy 2013
DVD117 Johnny Aemkel - In Darkness album art Johnny Aemkel In Darkness(10xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DVD117 Italy 2014
DIV001 Johnny Aemkel - All In One Vol.2 album art Johnny Aemkel All In One Vol.2(18xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DIV001 Italy 2015
APH009 Johnny Aemkel - Abstorph album art Johnny Aemkel Abstorph(10xFile, WAV) Abstorph APH009 Germany 2018
DIV133 Johnny Aemkel - Dark Hall album art Johnny Aemkel Dark Hall(15xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DIV133 Italy 2019

Singles & EPs

MVD32 Johnny Aemkel - Man On The Moon EP album art Johnny Aemkel Man On The Moon EP(4xFile, WAV, EP) Multi Vitamins MVD32 UK 2010
SHM016 Johnny Aemkel - When Darkness Becomes True album art Johnny Aemkel When Darkness Becomes True(4xFile, WAV, EP) Shinocs Music SHM016 Germany 2012
CFR007 Johnny Aemkel - Dub X album art Johnny Aemkel Dub X(File, MP3, EP) Creepy Finger Records CFR007 UK 2012
Nu 041 Johnny Aemkel - Darklleb Of Fear EP album art Johnny Aemkel Darklleb Of Fear EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) NuLabel Quality Records Nu 041 Spain 2012
#01 Johnny Aemkel - CAVERN #01 album art Yoma / Johnny Aemkel Yoma / Johnny Aemkel - CAVERN #01(2xFile, MP3, Single, 320) Cavern Label #01 Argentina 2013
LDR088 Johnny Aemkel - The Lost Future EP album art Johnny Aemkel The Lost Future EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Lethal Dose Recordings LDR088 Ukraine 2013
EFW057 Johnny Aemkel - Caos album art Johnny Aemkel Caos(3xFile, WAV, EP) Evil Flow. EFW057 Germany 2018


DVD027 Johnny Aemkel - Amnkelea album art Johnny Aemkel Amnkelea(File, WAV) Divided Recordings DVD027 Italy 2010
SPLX039 Johnny Aemkel - Verona Calling album art Johnny Aemkel Verona Calling(3xFile, MP3, 320) Simplex Records (2) SPLX039 Spain 2010
DVD006 Johnny Aemkel - United For Divided album art Stephan Barnem & Johnny Aemkel Stephan Barnem & Johnny Aemkel - United For Divided(5xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DVD006 Italy 2010
DVD008 Johnny Aemkel - Moon album art Johnny Aemkel Moon(3xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DVD008 Italy 2010
DVD007 Johnny Aemkel - Some Days In Berlin album art Johnny Aemkel Some Days In Berlin(4xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DVD007 Italy 2010
DVD063 Johnny Aemkel - Distance Darkness album art Becoolman & Johnny Aemkel Becoolman & Johnny Aemkel - Distance Darkness(2xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DVD063 Italy 2011
DVD036 Johnny Aemkel - Premature Exasperation album art Johnny Aemkel Premature Exasperation(2xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DVD036 Italy 2011
DVD050 Johnny Aemkel - Dark Side The Mind album art Johnny Aemkel Dark Side The Mind(5xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DVD050 Italy 2011
DVD071 Johnny Aemkel - Darkened World album art Johnny Aemkel Darkened World(3xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DVD071 Italy 2011
DVDS 004 Johnny Aemkel - Divided Special 004 album art Johnny Aemkel Divided Special 004(2xFile, MP3, 320) Divided Recordings DVDS 004 Italy 2011
DVD092 Johnny Aemkel - The Dark Future Of Planet Earth album art Johnny Aemkel & Romport Johnny Aemkel & Romport - The Dark Future Of Planet Earth(2xFile, WAV) Divided Recordings DVD092 Italy 2012