Mark Schubert

Real Name:
Nuno Viana
Born in Porto (Portugal), it was at a very young age that Nuno Nóvoa has developed a natural passion for music, mostly and gratefully through his lovely grandfather a well know Portuguese saxophonist, and followed by his father that worked at several radio stations and as a road manager of a few bands, promoting live concerts, also coming along his own respect and love by all music genres.
Anyway it was just after 1997 that UNNO begun to establish contacts with music festivals, rave parties, DJ's , promoters, clubs and dance music fans. In 1998 UNNO decides to start his own professional DJ career. Back in those days he started playing some old-school flavor beats and techno music.
Since the beginning, UNNO did many appearances all over his own country, continent and islands ( Azores ) ( Madeira ).
He did also a lot of performances on his neighbor country Spain ( Barcelona ) ( Sevilha ) ( Vigo ) ( La Coruna ), and all around the Europe, such as U.K. ( London ) , Netherlands ( Tilburg ) , France ( Paris ) among others. During all the process, he also used two years of the daylight, working in a record shop named "Discomundo" at "Park Italia".
In the last 7 years, he was resident DJ and promoter of two press awarded projects named: The Oporto Official After-Hours and Praystation , both located at Maré Alta Boat. Being till now very well known all around the world mostly because of its particular location at Douro River, mixed up with all the help and support given by all top DJs that were invited to perform there. Just to name some, Little "Louie" Vega, Francois Kevorkian, Dixon, Brett Johnson, Dj Yellow, Alex kid, Sasse, E-Man, Tiefshwarz, David Alvarado, Sian, Ata, Demi, Robert Owens, Sandi Rivera, Rob Mello, DJ Vibe, Rui da Silva, DJ Jiggy, Frank Maurel, Phil Asher, among others.
Since 2006 UNNO has producer, made several tracks, for labels such, Aenaria Music, Piston Records, Audaz, Infinity Mind, Side Fx ,Kaos records, Plastik Galaxy etc . His music is now s supported by artists like , Dubfire, Damon Wild, Laurent Garnier, Kyle Geiger, R-Play, Ben Coda, George Delkos, Dj Vibe, Steve Parker , Luca Ricci Rich Jones, Benny Rodrigues , Steve Lawler, Tedd Patterson, Nadja Lind, Ricky Ryan, Dj Tarkan, Renato Partiarca, Carlos Fauvrelle , AMDJRadio (Russia) , Conrad Rogers, Dj Versus, Giulia Regain, Aldrin among many others.


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