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Singer from Texas. Brother of Al Downing.
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August 18, 2007
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"Doctor Boogie" had a so deep impact on the cene that it was at the origin of the release of a homonym album by Don Downing himself. Tony Bongiovi (which Don had the opportunity to meet through the producer Meco Monardo) arranged the release of this album by Don Downing on RS International (Roadshow) which featured some top New York session musicians, from Jimmy Young and Alan Schwartzberg (drums) to Bob Babbitt and Wilbur Bascomb (bass), guitarist Jeff Miranov, pianist Pat Rebillot, and percussionist Jimmy Maelan. The LP included "Doctor Boogie" (1978), Don's other classic "Lonely Days, Lonely Nights" (1973) and five new tunes with the presence of those mentionned amazing musicians.

Lying on pure strings beauty, Don Downing's 'Doctor Boogie' Disco masterpiece was, according to me specialized media, released in 'almost obscurity', and it went from an underground hit largely played on alternative quality-music clubs to a status of radio hit in and outside Chicago.
The tune's theme brings a story of a so-called doctor with a mastery in Soul & Boogie whose lyrics had a very self-confident sight. "Uh, I'm qualified... in sleep & slap... if you feel the need now, a work is down a path..." sounds straight like Dr. 'Love man', even more outspoken on the chorus "In an emergency?" "Call me!", replied by the female backing vocals "Doctor Boogie!"
The perspective is sensual, still very funy. Dr. Boogie, theme of the Disco piece itself, proclaims himself a "Soul M.D.!" (Master Degree) and, as the go again calling him "Dr. Boogie!", he replies back with the quote "Call on me!... got my degree... on Soul & Energy!".

While you get yourself drowned by the infectious atmosphere composed by a bongo base, strings, basslines and horns, the Dr. Boogie, Soul M.D., a P.H.D., proclames himself the solution for the women hot, the perfect mr. night, the ultimate seducer.

The amazing instrumental ensemble goes with sax solo, and the doctor starts again, on another proud declaration: "I'm a P.H.D..... from the school of nuts... when I'm on the case... then my music touchs! Always on the dark... when I shoot my shot, like my mellon freezin'... I love my women hot!"

"In an emergency? Call me!" - they all sing together on the chorus. After all, Don's the Doctor Boogie, the Soul M.D., a Doctor Boogie that got his degree - 'that mind degree' - in Soul & Energy...

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