The Speed Freak

Real Name:Martin Damm

Martin Damm has been releasing records since 1990 under various project names, the most recurrent ones being Biochip C., The Speed Freak, and Search & Destroy. Starting off making German-style EBM techno, he soon became part of the Cologne school around Walker, and released on labels such as Monotone, Force Inc., and Dj.ungle Fever. After his increased popularity especially with the Dutch gabber scene in 1994 and 1995, Mokum and Shockwave became his home labels. His musical activities however stretch much further - tracks from his studio can be found on lots of different labels and on dozens of CD compilations. Apart from his further involvement in several labels such as Ozon (with Jammin' Unit), Napalm (plus its sublabels Agent Orange and Speedcore) and Anodyne (plus the defunct Biophobia), he is also available for live and deejay gigs. furthermore, he has started to produce his own videos and CD-ROM parts.

Part of what makes the music of Martin Damm interesting is his versatility. The tracks coming from his studio, Biosfear, stylistically stretch over the whole area of electronic dance music - going from power acid to breakcore, from drum & bass to happy gabber, from straight techno to dubby trip hop. Fans will rave about the squiggly 303 programming, the bouncy kickdrums and clattering breakbeats, the powerful and dense yet transparent overall sound, the wonderfully witty combinations and structures, the overwhelming wealth of amazing sound ideas and little melodies, and last not least the cynically cheesy organs and shameless sampling.

Sites:Bandcamp , Facebook , Soundcloud , Mixcloud , MySpace , YouTube ,
Aliases:909 Disco Babes, Alfred Chicken, Anodyne (4), Bad Blood, Badass, Bio Phobith, Biobreaks, Biochip C., Braindub, Chicks With Dicks, Creepozoids, Cyberchrist, Cyclo-S9, DammBreaks, Darth Weed, DJ Fistfuck, DJ X-Play, Domain 7, Dryfish, Earlenbeach Terror Squad
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