Sinful (3)

Symphonic black metal from Moscow, Russia.

On the eve of the Millenium two enthusiasts, Taus (guitar) and Olga (keyboards) decided to contribute their share to the history of Russian Black Metal. Their “black” creation that embodied their musical potential and ideas, was named SINFUL. The band gained their first concert experience on stage of Russian “R-club” in June of 2001. This festival was organized by the band members themselves and initiated their future organizational activity. The following MISANTHROPIA fests only increased the band’s status on Moscow metal scene. The successful support of Polish cult BEHEMOTH in winter of 2002 in Moscow and Brest (Belarus) has begun regular tour activity: Perm, Yaroslavl, Orel, Tula, Kamyshin, St. Petersburg.
In summer of 2004 the band entered the famous Russian metal studio NAVAHO HUT RECORDS to record their debut album “Whirpool (Omyt)”. This CD was released on March 1st, 2005, on Musica Productions and has been very flattery accepted not only by their fans, but also in web and printed editions – consequently SINFUL participated in international summer open-air festivals: METAL CROWD (Retchitsa, Belarus) and METAL HEAD'S MISSION (Evpatoria, Crimea, Ukraine). The band’s performance at the shore of the Black Sea that has awaken the present elements, has become a pass to their first Ukrainian tour MISANTROPIC INVASION, that was held in February of 2006 in Ternopol, Lvov, Rovno, Cherkassy, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Khmelnitski. Not long before the “Ukrainian invasion”, in November of 2005, the Russian metal scene was excited by a historical event! The participants of leading Russian bands: SINFUL (Moscow), LITTLE DEAD BERTHA (Voronezh), ACT OF GOD (Perm) APOKEFALE (Tomsk, Seversk), MIND ECLIPSE (Yaroslavl), MURK EXORBITANCE (Ivanovo), SEPTICOPYEMIA (Ivanovo) and CRYPTHOWL (Kaluga) organized a tour named "METAL SPIRIT RESURRECTION", which was aimed at bringing the spirit of metal music back to Russian audience and was held in Moscow, Kaluga, Voronezh, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Izhevsk, Perm. The changes within the band’s line-up did not appear to be the stumbling block in SINFUL’s history.
Right before the first MSR tour and during performance with Rotting Christ Taus became the frontman of the band, having taken hold at a microphone stand after bass-guitarist and vocalist Belf was dismissed. In 2006 SINFUL continued touring, and MSR II & III saw them in Ural, Siberia, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Tomsk, Barnaul, Novokuznetsk, Krasnoyarsk, Seversk, Orel, Samara, Ioshkar Ola and Nizhni Novgorod.
In November the band’s line-up changed again - two participants had left: Olga - permanent keyboardist and basic author of “Whirlpool"’s songs, and bass-guitarist Master. Naturally, these events radically changed the sound of the band’s new material. As compared with the debut album, the “Second Birth” EP was more monumental and aggressive. It was also recorded at NAVAHO HUT RECORDS with the help of two new musicians from friendly group ACT OF GOD: Yog-Sothoth (drums) and Nazgul (guitar, bass). This new line-up took part in MSR IV, which was held in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Michurinsk, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Saransk, Samara, Ioshkar Ola and Kirov – and the headliners were Polish madmen HATE. MSR V was the first “resurrection” outside Russia. Ten first-rate Ukrainian towns – Kiev. Lvov, Poltava, Kremenchug, Krivoi Rog, Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, Sevastopol, Odessa –witnessed the real festival of metal art! In the beginning of January 2008, the ways of SINFUL and the musicians of ACT OF GOD were separated, and new drummer Krock (that played in SINFUL in 2004-2007) and bass-guitarist Xeper – the permanent musician of Moscow death metal bands REST IN PEACE and FATAL BAND – replaced them.
The creative development of SINFUL was always hard, but they overcame all difficulties having become stronger and assured in the path they once chose, following their way and introducing new elements into their music.


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MP - 04 Sinful (3) - Омут album art Sinful (3) Омут(CD, Album) Musica Production MP - 04 Russia 2005 Sell This Version
Sinful (3) - XIII Апостол album art Sinful (3) XIII Апостол (Album) MSR Productions Russia 2010 Sell This Version

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none Sinful (3) - Второе Рождение album art Sinful (3) Второе Рождение(CDr, EP) MSR Productions none Russia 2007 Sell This Version

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