Negative A

Real Name:Angelo Goede

Dark, negative and antisocial. This is a mystery. Industrial has a new name and a new sound. This wave of the future is called DNA. One of the original hosts of this label is called Negative A. Together With E-Noid he is responsible for creating a new sound. This sound is best described as the sound of Doom and Judgement and freakish torture music to stomp you feet upon. Aggressive and underground, they are on a crusade to keep the core hard and believe me – they will. Only, they won’t take no prisoners..

Aliases:Angelo Goede, Catkiller, DJ XD, Dr. Z-Vago, Goliath, Haras, Megatron (5), Michaelangelo (9), Roughrider, Ruffian, The D.O.C. (2), Triest Geval, Vacorps
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