Real Name:
Dimitrios Sakkas
The story
Memphidos is Dimitris Sakkas, He was born in October 5th 1986, in Athens Greece.

He basically is a graphic designer with interest in motion graphics. He writes and produces music as another way to create images and emotions to people.

His first touch with music was when he was 10 at school with some piano lessons.

He began to write music when he was 15 with software that a friend gave him.

For his first years he has participated in several group and different styles of music (like hip hop, post rock, e.t.c.). When he listen electronic music and specially Ambient – Idm and breaks he was surprised and liked it very much. After then he was nailed with this styles of music and started to search how this music was written and produced. The more he searches these styles of music the more he surprised with how many feelings they have and the journey that put you in.

After all these he began writing music as Memphidos and he tried to write in order to escape from reality, with landscaped melodic music. Always looking for interesting new music combine it with images and graphics.

Writing and producing music since 2000, he participated in several exhibitions and releases.

He releases his debut album in 2009 at 33recordings and free for download, called “Memphidos – Dirty Sky”.

Memphidos – Dirty sky review at freeze magazine, Greece:

“Dirty sky it has it demonstrates a freshness in the musical
compositions and ideas combining elegantly the psy chill sound with idm
elements and more progressive beats. the production of the album sure wants
and other work, album however remains pleasant. Sure is that
Memphidos has many to gives”

A quick sample of a review at

I believe that in light of how I narrated this journey, be with me agree that the recovery of such an album is necessary for us to seek first the beauty in the world, Greece has its charm too obvious in the impressions classicist, the future is instead a trail of sound, a thousand trails sound, thousands of trails for the new electronic sound that is the breath of an artist today Memphidos.

Full review at

His second album was released one year later (2010) again in 33recordings and free for download, called “Memphidos – The sun in our souls”.

Memphidos – The sun in our souls review at the online magazine by C. Doukakis:

“When the first digital release of Memphidos, Dirty Sky, by the promising netlabel 33 Recordings, no sooner of his 23rd year, and does not hesitate to use the long delirious monologue of an old man in his suffering bed of the pain from the excellent movie “Magnolia Paul-Thomas Anderson” in a sensual 10min, full of frozen atmosphere and ambient melodies (Old Mans Regrets), then surely we are not dealing with a typical case of musician who just experimenting with some music programs at his home, not having anything better to do. To the contrary, the 24-year-old now Dimitris Sakkas, aka Memphidos, with the first release and the recent album “The Sun In Our Souls”, proves that he has endless inspiration and vision.

As a graphic designer, helps create strong images with soundscapes that he comes in order to make himself and the listener to escape from reality. One of the most rare musical talents, who does not hesitate to offer for free his ‘precious’ creations through downloading, at the same time that others charge their shoddy stuff for 14-15 Euro!”

Also C. Doukakis put the album at the best of 2010 at

Therefore, in 2011 and for 3 years in a row (2011-2012-2013) Memphidos was called to participate in an exhibition named SEEAR.

“SEEAR derives from the words: see and hear. It is a project in which young designers and musicians collaborate to produce audiovisual art to communicate through both major human senses.The main role of the project is interactivity, achieved by actively engaging the public in the creative process.It has a twofold objective: the artists influencing each other while stimulating impulsive interactions with the public creatively. SEEAR’s aspiration is to become an annual artistic event, encouraging public in collaboration and experimentation through an innovative and interactive project.”

Meanwhile at the end of 2011 (November and December of 2011) Memphidos take part in a 2 compilations, one from ‘Ultimae records’ called “Ambrosia”, compiled by Fishimself, with the track “Why”, and the other from ‘From a tree records’ called “One”, with the track “Insects playing melody”.

Reviews for Memphidos track Why in several forums and sites:

“Why- With the brightest track on the compilation Memphidos proves that sunshine always follows the rain. It’s a break beat with dream sequence synths. I was diggin’ on the beat too. Real thumping. Nice, but I think it’s misplaced on this compilation. It’s like inviting a vegan to a barbecue. Yeah, nobody wants to stare, but we’re wondering why the f*ck you didn’t bring any carcass to the party”.

“Memphidos especially, with Why finding our voyage becalmed, creaking percussives and oceanic swells before heaving off on a breezy beat.”

Full Ambrosia review at

“A cooing and wave-like synth line shifts shape into a beautiful and crystal clear sequenced approach to sing the sweetnesses of Memphidos’ “Why" which swirls in a universe chewed by misread percussions. Between psycho drama and psychedelicosmic, “Why" overlaps ethereal ambiance and crushed rhythm on a bipolar structure where static and white tones are next to a beautiful melody which has difficulty in making inhale its crystalline sequences.”

Full Ambrosia’s review at

Reviews for Memphidos track Insects playing melody in

"Insects Playing Melody" the excellent Memphidos,’ breathe ‘on several levels, almost bright clouds moved by a gentle wind, warm, fantastic color energies, in the interim, the piano is a beating heart before the explosive finale of the canonical architectures drum’n’bass but not invasive, rather lazily lying on soft synth.”

Full One’s review at

In 2012 Memphidos made a Remix of Esoteric Sob’s track “Egomania” in the album called “REMIXED” which was released from 33recordings and was free for download.

Take part at a compilation called “Welcome to neverland” which was released from Specealorbeats records, with the track “Earth”.

In the summer of 2012 he signed in Speacealorbeats records and Sonic Loom music and he releases a track called “Touch the Universe” at the compilation “Penduloom waves” from Sonic Loom and the “Antiology” EP from Spacealorbeats records.

In 2013 he take part at Sonic Loom’s compilations with the name “Orbita Solaris series" - “Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice".


Memphidos Discography Tracks


33REC018 Memphidos Dirty Sky(10xFile, MP3, Album, 320) 33 Recordings 33REC018 Greece 2009
33REC038 Memphidos The Sun In Our Souls(9xFile, MP3, Album, 320) 33 Recordings 33REC038 Greece 2010
Memphidos Walking To Loneliness (Album) Sonic Loom Greece 2014 Sell This Version
33REC066 Memphidos The Texturizer(5xFile, FLAC, MP3, WAV, MiniAlbum, EP) 33 Recordings 33REC066 Greece 2014
Spaceal036 Memphidos Connected Minds(File, AAC, MP3, WAV, Album, MiniAlbum, EP) Spaceal Orbeats Records Spaceal036 Greece 2016


Memphidos Antiology Spaceal Orbeats Records UK 2012

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