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Koan (考案) is competent studio squad based in Moscow and established in the early 90's. Created as main project by members of Roeth & Grey duo, Koan became one of the recognizable progressive-chillout artist from Russian Federation. Accumulated experience in programming & arrangement, extra-phenomenal productivity and unusual skills in the mixing of mysterious stuff - well-known trademark from Koan. Each their release is a unique micro universe, saturated with cultural heritage from classic literature, cinema, animation or another modern pop-art.

Daniel (Shanu) Roeth - master-chief, who long time ago spinned vinyl on private parties, worked at studios as arranger, composed music for scientific documentaries and computer games. Daniel - mega prolific braniac who stay behind all musical stories and events inside project. Real enthusiast and "number one" of Koan. He also has side-projects with famous hip-hop producers like as Syava (Sovi) and Maxim Shustov (Mowglï). As composer he makes a lot of music in different genres.

William (Klaxer) Grey - executive producer and general manager of Koan. His imagination was highly influenced by all types of e-music including VGM, industrial electro, synthdance, italo-disco, early acid-house, musique concrète and recent techno. From the deep youth he started composing 8bit SID-tunes on Commodore-64 computer. Later he focused his attention on emerging PC Demoscene where began programmed modules in Scream Tracker 3 for DOS-platform.

When Roeth & Grey met they have joined their knowledge, time and resources in the name of music. They launched several music acts but only Koan got the true confession. Changed production methods everytime Roeth & Grey team earned reputation of precision and coherent mechanism. Koan at present has activities related to the conceptual sound solutions into chillgressive music development. Diligent persons with their own sound-signature at global E-music Scene.

Sites:Facebook , Bandcamp , YouTube , Soundcloud ,
Aliases:Fatum Sci-Fi, MSNRGSBT, Roeth & Grey, Vacuum Stalkers
Members:Roman Alexeev, Vladimir Sedov


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