Real Name:Josefine Pia Mayumi Sjöberg

Josefine Pia Mayumi (Born 28 June 1972), is a Japanese-Swedish Hip Hop artist.

She appeared on The World Rap Contest as Sista's Of Soul. She did the raps for Melodie MC and several other Swedish pop acts. Mayomi went solo in 1994 and released "Whatever I..." the following year. Apparently it had moderate success, and with the track's producers, Collén & Webb, who were collaborators of Statikk's. In 1995, Mayomi recorded her debut album for Virgin. Three singles were released from her album, - "The Best A Man Can Get", "How Can I Get By" and the title track I Am - they met with some success as well. Mayomi released "So In Love" in 1996, which would be her last single.

Aliases:Pia Sjöberg




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