Real Name:Randall McNeil

Born 2nd April 1970. In the mid 80s he was part of the Limited Edition sound system.

Drum 'n' Bass & Jungle DJ/producer from London. Began attending raves whilst working as a messenger in the World Trade Centre in London. His first bookings, after sending out tape demos, was at Delirium in London, playing Thursdays and Saturdays He then began his own show on Centreforce FM.
Resident DJ at A.W.O.L., Orange, Innersense and Together As 1 and also had shows on Rave FM and Pressure FM.

Also co-owned the De Underground record shop in Forest Gate.

His daughter is the recording artist Amber Simone.
His brother Mark was a professional footballer in England and Sweden.

Not content with his sound being across the airwaves of London, and playing out at the illusive illegal raves of the time. Randall pushed harder, recalling his big break to be when he got a gig playing at ‘Living Dream’ at Eastway Speed Stadium in Leyton a10,000 capacity event. Colin Dale didn’t turn up for his set and Randall ended up playing a three-hour set a feat that got people talking! This not only directly lead to a Saturday night residency that lasted three years with the infamous ‘Orange’ at the Rocket Club in Holloway road, London (along side DJs Hype, Grooverider, Fabio, Rap, Squirrel etc)… But also saw Randall playing out with the ‘AWOL/World Dance’ crew at the Paradise Club, Islington (with other legends Mickey Finn, Kenny Ken, Darren Jay, Gachet and MC GQ). This circle of friends and crews found Randall at De-Underground Record shop making history, as we know it with DJ Cool Hand flex & co-founding Mac II Recordings.

Aliases:Randall McNeil
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