Paul Mac

Real Name:Paul Souter

NOT TO BE CONFUSED with Australian producer and songwriter Paul McDermott (2) alias Paulmac!
Techno DJ, producer and mixing / mastering engineer from UK. Runs and records for Stimulus Recordings and C-Side as well as a host of other labels.
He has said in an interview that it was necessary to use a number of aliases during more productive phases of his career. Some of his pseudonyms are unusual names, but they are all copied from real people; for example, Eddie Fiola was a famous BMX stunt rider in the '80s.
Co-owner of Hardgroove Mastering with Ben Sims.

Sites:Bandcamp , Facebook , MySpace , Soundcloud , X , YouTube
Aliases:Arty Gruber, Eddie Fiola, Herman Funker III, Huburtus Krantz, Jorge Zamacona, Pablo Fuddrucker, Paul Souter, Quentin Garlic, Ralph Farquar, Stimulus (8), Valmay
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