Stretch (4)

Real Name:
Randy Walker
Born August 21, 1968.
Died November 30, 1995.
Shock G first met Stretch in 1990 and, through Shock, Stretch was introduced to 2Pac in the summer of 1991 where he instantly became best friends barely spending even a few minutes apart from that moment on. Stretch was a producer as well as a rapper and he became involved in a lot of 2Pac's pre-DeathRow work, and most of the tracks he produced he would have a verse on. Stretch makes his first guest appearance on the Digital Underground track "Family of the underground" from the 1991 album "Sons of the P".

Stretch was close friends with Ed Lover from "Yo! MTV Raps" who got Live Squad signed to the record label "Tommy Boy" where in 1992 they released their first double A side single "Murderahh/Heartless".

Stretch started performing in shows with 2Pac, appearing in his music videos and he produced songs on the albums "2Pacalypse Now", "Strictly 4 My Niggaz", "Thug Life Volume 1" and the scrapped album "Troublesome 21".

On the 30th of November, 1995, Stretch was murdered in a drive-by shooting after dropping off Maj at his home.