Mirko Hirsch

Real Name:Mirko Andreas Michael Hirsch

Date of birth: 20th August 1977
Nationality: German

Mirko Hirsch is a German musician, singer, songwriter and producer. Besides his own songs, he has written and arranged songs for Ken Laszlo ("S.O.S.", "Hey Operator", "In the Night", "Fire & Ice"), Albert One, Danny Keith, Aleph ("I'm On Fire"), Italove ("Rhythm of Love"), TQ (3) ("Let's go to Tokyo", "Kickstart", "Rhythm of Love"), Fred Ventura ("In the Night"), Linda Jo Rizzo ("Fingertips", "There's a fire", "Under Fire"), Tiziana Rivale ("Open Up Your Heart"), Retronic Voice ("Shot down"), Trans-X ("Video Night", "My Fascination"), Elen Cora, and other Italo Disco & Eurodisco artists. He also uses pseudonyms to release songs in slightly different styles (e.g. Rick De Moore for Eurodisco, Dario Silver for darker, more electro Italo Disco).

Mirko's hyper-melodic songwriting and producing style is partially influenced by melodic rock / AOR music of the 1980s and some of his Italo Disco songs (e.g. "Save me" (just for tonight), "Love Hurts") also include electric guitar solos. His songwriting style often reminds people of the mid-80s Farina/Crivellente compositions for artists such as Radiorama.

Mirko Hirsch was one of the first artists of the so-called "New Generation of Italo Disco (or New Italo Disco)".
His first musical appearance was in 2006, when a low quality sample of his song "Fire" caused quite a stir in the scene and was considered to be an original 1980s Italo Disco song,
leading to a vinyl release and the production of a full album called "Obsession".

Sites:Facebook , Facebook , Bandcamp , YouTube , YouTube
Aliases:analog autumn, Dario Silver, DJ Peach Club, Dorina Dog, Flash Connection, Foxbox, Mauro Mission, Mr. Neon, Neon Shades, Rick De Moore, Shock Wave 85
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