The Prophet

Real Name:Dov J. Elkabas

Dutch DJ and producer of Jewish origin from Amsterdam.

Dov J. Elkabas started producing music around 1991. He is one of the first Dutch Hardcore Techno DJs and producers. Towards the end of the 90s he buried the alias of The Prophet for releasing Hardcore Techno tracks besides a few exceptions. He continued making Newstyle Hardcore (Mainstyle) under a new pseudonym as The Masochist was born. In his period he worked together with DJ Buzz Fuzz, DJ Dano & DJ Gizmo as the group The Dreamteam (ID&T) who had their own record label Dreamteam Productions.

After 10 years of Hardcore Techno, he started producing Hardstyle and started his own record label Scantraxx. He has collaborated with producers such as Wildstylez, Brennan Heart, Frontliner, Zatox, Showtek, DJ Dana, DJ Pavo, Marc Acardipane and Headhunterz. , YouTube , X , Facebook , Instagram , Wikipedia
Aliases:25% Of The Dreamteam, Avantguarde, Bata, Carlos Masseratti, Collage (2), Commotion, Controller 1, Cookiemunsta, DJ Dov, Doobey, Dopeman, Dov Elkabas, George Washington (3), Hoodoo Man, Nina Feranzano, Oral Maniac, Pineapple Jack, Rokk Wild, Shimatsu Miru, Silent Jesus
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