Real Name:Yevgeniy Ovsyaniker

Kyiv-based DJ and producer Yevgeniy Joss belongs to a privileged circle of artists to have enormously influenced the development of Ukrainian electronic scene and to have raised its quality bar high throughout the last 10 years. Joss has achieved it particularly due to his firm beliefs and creative creed: high-quality sound and vinyl sets only!
Joss has turned his passion for wax into his own international brand — Artreform Records, a label specializing in vinyl editions. Four years later today, Artreform can boast more 25 vinyl releases in its catalog. The imprint has put out original titles by Joss himself, which repeatedly performed amazingly well in the Decks and Juno charts, as well as the singles from a number of globally recognized artists ranging from SCSI-9 and Robot Needs Oil up to Benno Blome, Frank Lober and IO(Mulen).

Whether he is packing his DJ bag with records for a forthcoming set or checking out fresh demo submissions for Artreform, Joss always relies upon and trusts his already well-recognized taste. His sets and original productions are constantly dominated by highly energetic tech house, classic house with emphasize on the ‘deep’ variety, and some quite ingenious, adventurous techno.

Having opted for ‘grown up’ dance music, Joss distinctly realizes all the responsibility he commits to: personally and creatively. Nowadays the eponymous Artreform Studio offers producers a wide range of analog synthesizers and advanced gear to extract the most extraordinary and distinctive sound possible. One of the best recording studios around Kyiv, Artreform is at the core of building a strong community of artists and musicians from the Ukrainian capital, a city undoubtedly rich in talents.
The recent bright episodes of Joss’s career are a split release with the German producer Benno Blome out on the latter’s label, Sender Records, and a successful run of releases on his very own imprint, Artreform. The best performer of the batch has appeared to be a release by SCSI-9 from Russia. To promote this release, Joss and SCSI-9’s member Anton Kubikov organized a series of showcases at a number of venues, including Kyiv club Port and Moscow’s Gazgolder. , Soundcloud , Facebook , Soundcloud , Instagram , Beatport
Aliases:Yevgeniy Ovsyaniker




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