Australian Hardcore Techno/Terror/Breakcore act from Newcastle.
Most famous for their raw productions (called "Cheapcore" by themselves) on Amiga's ProTracker and their early records on Industrial Strength Records. The English translation of the German word "Nasenbluten" is "nose-bleed".

Nasenbluten released a variety of styles of ‘hardcore music’. The group was founded in the early 1990s by Mark Newlands, Aaron Lubinski and David Melo.
They are known for originally producing music on Amiga personal computers using tracker software. They also created ‘Bloody Fist Records’, releasing several styles of hardcore electronic music between 1994-2004. Nasenbluten‘s emphasis on breakbeats & ironic audio samples became influential in the Hardcore Techno scene.

Mark N is a DJ, producer and the DMC 1997 NSW Technics DJ Champion. He now runs the Noise-X-Change record shop and has recorded under the alias Overcast.

Aaron Lubinski's was also know as Xylocaine, Data & Medical Suction with releases on the Dead Girl and Bloody Fist imprints.

David Melo produced several tracks under the name Disassembler.

Nasenbluten released a number of EPs on ISR including a ‘Bloody Fist Sampler’ (which included a number of other artists from their labels). Their tracks were licensed to many compilations including ‘Thunderdome’ and on labels such as React, ID&T and Sound Base Music. Nasenbluten also remixed ‘Insurge’ which was released on Warner Music Australia. , MySpace , Wikipedia
Members:Aaron Lubinski, David Melo, Mark Newlands
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