Eyvind Kang

Real Name:Eyvind Kang

Eyvind Kang has played viola with different bands like Bill Frisell, Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs, and has created string arrangements for artists like Laurie Anderson, Blonde Redhead, Laura Veirs, The Stares, and many more.
Kang's music, including all of his seven previous CDs, are mostly about the thought of music, the idea you get when you think of a sound which triggers a memory, for example which makes you feel a certain way.

Sites:Wikipedia , MySpace , , Bandcamp , Soundcloud
In Groups:4 + 1 Ensemble, Deformations, Dying Ground, Eyeball, Gordon Grdina Septet, Gordon Grdina's East Van Strings, Ishraqiyun, Jet City 5, Michael Bisio Quintet, Napoli 23, Noddingturd Fan, Secret Chiefs 3, Socket (3), The 858 Strings, The Craig Flory Jazz Story, The Joe McPhee Quintet, Bill Frisell 858 Quartet
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