Восточный Синдром

Восточный Синдром

Experimental neo-psychedelic and cross-genre band formed in Magadan (far-Eastern Russia) in 1987. Regretfully, the great artistic potential of the group, which combined a unique interpretation of post-punk and Russian psychedelia, remained unrealized. Music of Eastern Syndrome turned out to be a powerful , on the cusp of the guitar “new wave,” psychedelia, and progressive rock. Connoisseurs can certainly identify in the music the influence of the Talking Heads and the King Crimson of the 80s. The group was one of the rarest, absolutely original and relevant projects of the Russian and Soviet rock; its music was advanced, distinguished by the quality and complexity of sound. The band ceased to exist because of the death of its key members

The band was founded in Magadan in 1987, consisting of Konstantin Bityukov (guitar, vocals), Andrew Neustroev (percussion, vocals), Alexander Ponomarev (guitar), Eugene Valov (bass), Vladimir Bovykin (clarinet, saxophone), Yuri Hatenko ( beat-boxing). In March of that year the band performed several songs at the first festival of Magadan rock club. At the end of 1987 Andrew Neustroev ,Yuri Hatenko and Eugene Valov left the band, the drummer Oleg Volkov came and in 1988 the band recorded the album "With the keys on the nose". In the spring of next year the band underwent changes – Yuri Hatenko came to play the bass guitar, Alexander Simdyanov began to play the drums. After a tour of the cities Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Eastern syndrome recorded the album "Club of the local industry." In the summer of 1989 the band moved to St. Petersburg and successfully performed at the festival "Rock Aurora-89" and the festival "Cheeserock-2" in Moscow. It participated in the festivals in Kaluga, Barnaul and Novosibirsk. In February 1990 the musicians went on a professional tour to Kiev for the festival "Full Goodbye" and to Kharkiv. In May 1990, the band performed in Syktyvkar at the rock festival "Underground-90", and also released a new album "Compilation". In the summer of 1990 the band recorded in the studio «SNС» album "Guest". At the beginning of 1991 after a series of performances at the festivals in Tver, Vladivostok, Riga, Moscow and St. Petersburg the band was left by Alexander Simdyanov which created his own project Z1 and after the festival "Inturkey-91" the bass guitarist Yuri Hatenko left Eastern Syndrome. In 1995, after returning from Europe, where the band met with hard drugs, the band broke up. In 2000 Bityukov reorganized Eastern Syndrome and presented a new program in Moscow club "Vermel". The band soon moved to Moscow, but it was unable to gain a foothold there, most of the concerts were failures and during the year the band broke up again. Constantine Bityukov left to live in Moscow, worked as a postman and sometimes performed solo. In 2004 he died of a stroke... In 2008, the American label Trail Records in New York on a CD released the album "Studio 13", in 2010 - "With the keys on the nose." Russian label "Geometry" released remastered editions of these albums: "Studio 13" in 2009 and "C keys on the nose," 21 December 2014 [1] . Found member and author Andrew Neustroev dies at May 2016.

from review: "Then came a legendary Mighty Bunch: the Eastern Syndrome (Magadan, Russia) with “Studio 13”. The tales of the City of Fishes, the Fenced-off World, and a Favorite of the League of Broken Dolls were revived again. Here Trail Records have fixed the first appearance of a powerful Celt at the Round Table. A Celt, voiced by Andrei Neustroyev, is always eager to talk about “the cobalt forest growing wild”. He brings along Yeats, Gumiliev, King Crimson, and King Pellinore. The raspy guitar-saxophone whisper of the freely drifting ice-floes brings about the greatest master of dérrive – an urban knight Gilles Ivain. Now this band itself became an illusion: some members are gone, some never came back from their trips, some dispersed. Eastern Syndrome exists only in its creations".


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SLR 0033 Восточный Синдром Гость(CD, Album) Solyd Records SLR 0033 Russia 1995 Sell This Version
Восточный Синдром Студия 13 (Album) Trail Records US 2008 Sell This Version
Восточный Синдром С Ключами На Носу (Album) Trail Records US 2010 Sell This Version
GEO 109 CD, GEO 053 DVD Восточный Синдром Клуб Местной Промышленности(CD, Album + DVD-V) Геометрия, Геометрия GEO 109 CD, GEO 053 DVD Russia 2017 Sell This Version


TR-019 Восточный Синдром Кельт(CD, Album, Comp, Ltd, RE, RM) Trail Records TR-019 Russia 2017 Sell This Version

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