The Tony Garcia Project

Real Name:
Tony Garcia
Producer/Remixer did over 70 remixes for several bands as Depeche Mode, Cause & Effect, New Order, Red Flag, Celebrate The Nun, Real Life, Hubert Kah, Falco, Erasure, B- 52's, Billy Idol, Deep Forest, Deacon Blue, Book of Love, A Split Second and many more.

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He is commonly confused with freestyle producer Tony "Dr.Edit" Garcia (Warlock Records) which was also a successful producer/remixer of the same period (earlier 90's) with similar work and both were living at NYC on that time which made the confusion even worst.

Tony was born in Havana, Cuba in 1964 and came to the land of opportunity in 1969. He got his start in the music business as a DJ in what is today known as South Beach. Tony was one of the pioneering DJ's of the South Beach scene. Spinning in clubs like CLUB Z, FIRE & ICE, CLUB NU, 1235, THE KITCHEN CLUB & THE INSTITUTE which is the largest club to date in Miami with a 3000 plus capacity. Tony was a Billboard reporting DJ and was known for his progressive ground breaking aggressive style. In 1989 he won the first ever Florida DMC mixing championships and took third place in New York City in the USA finals. About that time Tony started his first record label called Ozone Records. Due to the success of the first and only release, Tony began getting lot's of work as a remixer and editor. Since then he has done work for bands ranging from Depeche Mode and New Order to The Prodigy and Prince. To date he has done over 70 remixes.

In the early nineties, Tony moved to New York City to pursue his production career. This is where he did most of his remix work. He was also signed to Imago Records as Wild Planet which was a collaboration with singer/actor Nick Scotti. While in New York he was in the stable of MCT Management who represents artist like Moby and BT. He also worked in the A&R department of Cardiac Records a Virgin family label where he discovered and was instrumental in signing MK (Mark Kinchen) who was one of the most talented house music producers of that time After 4 1/2 years in the big city, Tony decided he'd had enough of the rat race and returned to his home Miami.

Upon his return to Miami and being influenced by the new scene that was emerging in Florida at the time. Tony started his second label called TWEAK! Records. TWEAK! has 22 releases to date including a CD compilation called MASTERS OF TWEAK!. He has signed two artist to the label, DEF CON 6 & EROS. Two of the premier acts in Florida. With hardly any promotion or marketing TWEAK! has found a way to come to the forefront of the Florida indie scene. Tony really wants the label to be about the music and not the hype. But now that TWEAK! is out there expect what you've always come to hear from this pioneer and that is some of the most progressive and underground music of today.


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