отЗвуки Му

отЗвуки Му

Real Name:
ОтЗвуки Му
OtZvuki Mu (The Fainted Sounds of Mu) is a live band formed in 1997 by the original members of Zvuki Mu. Working with a rotating cast of vocalists, such as Artemy Troitsky and German Vinogradov (since 2000), they are performing mostly classic Mu songs, setting highly theatrical rock shows with unexpected impromptu performances, reprises and constant interaction with an audience. Other singers who appeared with OtZvuki Mu include Vasily Shumov, Zhanna Aguzarova and Galina Bosaya.

In 1990, Petr Mamonov decided to disband hugely successful Zvuki Mu to pursue a solo career. He started making music with Bortniychuk as Mamonov and Alexey, playing with a drum machine instead of a live rhythm section. After releasing their debut album, the new duo invited Evgeny Kazantsev to play on bass guitar and soon recruited a drummer too, Yury Kistjenev from Alliance. He departed from the band quickly, due to an invitation to join Moral Codex. As a replacement, he suggested Andrij Nadolskyj.

Mamonov was very satisfied with his new line-up, able to perform many of his early songs with more drive and energy he could before. After expanding from a duo to a full-blown group, Mamonov decided to rename his band and eventually started using Zvuki Mu again, releasing Gruby Zakat with his new line-up in 1995. Naturally, ex-members were not happy with this decision. To make things worse, at the same time, Moroz Records started reissuing Zvuki Mu early albums on CD, with all royalties going only to Mamonov, leaving other founding and contributing members of the band uncompensated. At this point, Oleg Kovriga offered to reissue Zvuki Mu album (produced by Brian Eno and released on Opal Records in the UK originally) at his label Otdelenie VYHOD, with all proceeds going directly to the original cast of Zvuki Mu.

After the copyright dispute was settled and friendly relations restored, musicians adopted a derivative otZvuki Mu name and started performing their original material independently. Mamonov continued touring and recording with the new Zvuki Mu group.

Alexey Bortniychuk – guitar
Alexander Lipnitsky – bass guitar
Pavel Hotin – keyboards
Alexey Pavlov – drums
Alexander "Fagot" Alexandrov – bassoon

Guest vocalists
Artemy Troitsky
German Vinogradov (since 2000)


отЗвуки Му Discography Tracks


SVCD-141 09/2010 Various А У Нас Вот Так (Алексей MC Павлов И Павел Хотин Vot Tak Funk Remix) Various - Содержание Микс. Проект Василия Шумова(CD, Comp) Stereo & Video SVCD-141 09/2010 Russia 2010 Sell This Version
ZEN 029 Василий Шумов представляет Various А У Нас Вот Так Василий Шумов представляет Various - Творческая Акция "Содержание" 1(CD, Comp, Dig) Zenith (2) ZEN 029 Russia 2010 Sell This Version