Real Name:
Nicholas Currie
Born : February 11, 1960 // Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom


B RED 70 Momus - Circus Maximus album art Momus Circus Maximus (Album) Él B RED 70 Greece 1986 Sell This Version
MD 7932 Momus - The Poison Boyfriend album art Momus The Poison Boyfriend (Album) Creation Records MD 7932 Benelux 1987 Sell This Version
CRELP 036, CRE-FRE 3 Momus - Tender Pervert album art Momus Tender Pervert (Album) Creation Records, Creation Records CRELP 036, CRE-FRE 3 UK 1988 Sell This Version
CRELP 052 Momus - Don't Stop The Night album art Momus Don't Stop The Night (Album) Creation Records CRELP 052 UK 1989 Sell This Version
CRECD 097 Momus - Hippopotamomus album art Momus Hippopotamomus (Album) Creation Records CRECD 097 UK 1991 Sell This Version
TFCK-88828 Momus - The Ultraconformist album art Momus The Ultraconformist (Album) Richmond Records TFCK-88828 Japan 1992 Sell This Version
31046 Momus - Voyager album art Momus Voyager (Album) Creation Records 31046 France 1992 Sell This Version
CRECD 151, SCR 474480 2, 474480 2 Momus - Timelord album art Momus Timelord (Album) Creation Records CRECD 151, SCR 474480 2, 474480 2 Europe 1993 Sell This Version
COCY-78417 Momus - The Philosophy Of Momus album art Momus The Philosophy Of Momus (Album) Cherry Red COCY-78417 Japan 1995 Sell This Version
CD BRED 123 Momus - Slender Sherbet - Classic Songs Revisited album art Momus Slender Sherbet - Classic Songs Revisited(CD, Album) Cherry Red CD BRED 123 UK 1995 Sell This Version
HRH001 Momus - 20 Vodka Jellies album art Momus 20 Vodka Jellies (Album) Cherry Red, Cherry Red HRH001 US 1996 Sell This Version
61665-60004-2, HRH004 Momus - Ping Pong album art Momus Ping Pong (Album) Bungalow 61665-60004-2, HRH004 US 1997 Sell This Version
60006 Momus - The Little Red Songbook album art Momus The Little Red Songbook (Album) Le Grand Magistery 60006 US 1998 Sell This Version
ER-1065 Momus - Stars Forever album art Momus Stars Forever (Comp, Album) Analog Baroque ER-1065 Spain 1999 Sell This Version
クアトロ-035, Quattro-035 Momus - Folktronic album art Momus Folktronic (Album) Analog Baroque クアトロ-035, Quattro-035 Japan 2001 Sell This Version
クアトロ-050, Quattro-050 Momus - Oskar Tennis Champion album art Momus Oskar Tennis Champion (Album) Analog Baroque クアトロ-050, Quattro-050 Japan 2003 Sell This Version
ANALOG 010CD Momus - Summerisle album art Momus And Anne Laplantine Momus And Anne Laplantine - Summerisle(CD, Album) Analog Baroque ANALOG 010CD UK 2004 Sell This Version
ANALOG 011CD Momus - Otto Spooky album art Momus Otto Spooky (Album) Analog Baroque ANALOG 011CD UK 2005 Sell This Version
AMPATCH 007CD Momus - Ocky Milk album art Momus Ocky Milk (Album) Analog Baroque AMPATCH 007CD US 2006 Sell This Version
ANALOG13CD Momus - Joemus album art Momus Joemus (Album) Analog Baroque ANALOG13CD UK 2008 Sell This Version
Ampatch009 Momus - Hypnoprism album art Momus Hypnoprism (Album) Analog Baroque Ampatch009 US 2010 Sell This Version
TS07 Momus - Thunderclown album art Momus And John Henriksson (2) Momus And John Henriksson (2) - Thunderclown (Album) American Patchwork TS07 Sweden 2012 Sell This Version
AMPATCH011 Momus - Bibliotek album art Momus Bibliotek(CD, Album) American Patchwork AMPATCH011 US 2012 Sell This Version
none Momus - Momus In Samoa album art Momus Momus In Samoa(CD, Album, Ltd + DVD) Studio Warp none Japan 2012 Sell This Version
Ampatch014 Momus - Bambi album art Momus Bambi(CD, Album) American Patchwork Ampatch014 US 2013 Sell This Version