Jean Leloup

Real Name:Jean Leclerc

Canadian (Québec) singer-songwriter and author from Sainte-Foy born May 14, 1961. He grew up in Algeria and Togo. He is popularly known as Jean Leloup (which he likes to translate to John The Wolf), a stage name he kept using until 2006, when he temporarily changed his name to Jean Leclerc, only to resurrect his "The Wolf" character in August 2008. In the meantime, his artistic endeavors led him to publish a novel and direct a movie under the pseudonym of Massoud Al-Rachid in 2005. He is known for his colourful personality and unique musical style in the francophone rock community.
Pseudonyms: John The Wolf, Dead Wolf, Johnny Guitar, Johnny Welltiper, Massoud Al-Rachid, Roi Ponpon, Jean The Nibba. , , , Bandcamp , Facebook , , Lastfm , Soundcloud , Wikipedia
Aliases:Jean Leclerc (2)
In Groups:La Sale Affaire (2), The Last Assassins
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