TJ Swan

The official tjswan became heavily influenced by both his parents who were musicians. His father and uncle were musicians in a blues band as teenager's and his mom was a gospel singer. Swan's mother saw his potential in music at the age of five. Swan performed for friends and family. She had Swan study the greats James Brown, The Jackson 5,Ray Charles, Elton John, The Ojays ,Ohio Players,The Temptations, Otis Redding, Johnny Mathis , Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons , Sly and The family Stone, DooWop singers ,Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye and yes Elvis just to name a few . Swan's mother knew that with lot's of practice and hard work his talent would grow. As a adolescent Swan enter talent shows and won most of those shows. After that Swan's uncle bought him a guitar for his 12th birthday. Which he taught himself how to play the guitar, drums, bongos and later on in college the keyboard all before the age of 15. Then came the era of hiphop when Swan was growing up. He knew he had to advance his talent by learning to rap , DJ and beat boxing but his passion will always be singing. In his senior year Swan enter his final talent show with his class mate's performing as the Jackson five with Swan being the lead singer. The crowd was so amazed to hear Swan sounding just like Michael Jackson that they went crazy giving Swan his first glimpse of stardom. Determined to make it in his craft Swan attended a music college called Five Towns. During his two years of college, Swan met his musical partner Biz Markie . After TJ graduated with his associate, Swan and Biz worked hard in making a name for themselves. With the smooth vocal style of Swan and Biz beatboxing and rap skills, they created a new raw sound. Swan was singing to break beats, hiphop beats, and Biz beat boxing. Tjswan was the first hook hiphop and r&b singer whose style can be heard to this very day with artist from all musical backgrounds Kanye west, Jamie fox,Chris Brown, Migel, Drake and so many more. By perfecting their craft, the duo signed their first deal with Prism records and had success charting on Billboard at 63 right out the gate. with the classic hit(Make the music with your mouth biz). As well as Nobody Beats The Biz, Albee Square Mall, The Vapors and Left Me Lonely with MC Shan just to name a few. Swan was sorted after by many major labels he decided to sign with Clive Davis new label Arista records. If Swan would have signed the last contract to put out his album, "Have no fear Swan is here," his debut would've been in 1988. Do to a disagreement swan walked away from his deal and decided to stay on the rode touring. Writing, producing, managing and promoting for the duration of his career. Swan worked with many artist and stayed in the spotlight from 1985 to 2001.When his youngest daughter Lael (aka MzApple) was about 5, Swan felt that raising her and being a dedicated stay at home father was more important then being on the rode. Now let's fast forward to 2018 when Swan will be dropping the longest debut ever, "The Swanvader Album," which be out in the Spring of 2018. The first single on the album is "U All Know TjSwan Features Darth Vader "aka D.Vader" which will be available March 15 ,2018 everywhere. Ps look out for the new Star Wars movie and soundtrack Han Solo this spring May 2018.
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