Askhat Sayfullin

Real Name:
Асхат Хабибуллинович Сайфуллин
Ashat Saifullin (Асхат Сайфуллин) (b. 1960) is a Russian jazz musician, double bass and bass guitar player from Uzbekistan. He got interested in jazz early in his life, citing a concert by "Sovremennik" Orchestra of Anatoli Kroll in Yangiabad (his hometown in UzSSR) and Victor Dvoskin's contrabass on various Allegro Jazz Ensemble albums as one of the strongest and most memorable musical impressions of his childhood.

At 1982, Saifullin debuted in Tomsk with saxophonist Valentin Rusakov. The duo played new jazz at festivals in Novosibirsk and Moscow in 1983-84. Ashat also had been performing with a Moscow chamber orchestra Camerata from 1982 to 1992.

The artist found his Ashat Saifullin Trio with pianist Evgeny Mironov and drummer Andrey Biryukov in 1985 while also actively collaborating with Sergey Belichenko and his Snow Children ensemble. Other projects organized by Saifullin include a Hot Siberian Jazz Quartet (квартет «Горячий сибирский джаз»), formed in 1997 with Evgeny Mironov, drummer Vladimir Kirpichov and violinist Viktor Korolev, and a highly successful trio Anatoly VapirovAskhat SayfullinVladimir Tarasov.

Apart from playing music, Saifullin also works as a producer and promoter. Since 2000, he is an artistic director and producer of Ars Nova foundation. Ashat organized a few festivals, including Tomsk International Festival "Jazz Marathon" (2003), Sib Jazz Fest in Novosibirsk (2011), and GGJ in Krasnodar (2012). He also invited many notable jazz musicians to give concerts in Russia, including Richie Cole, Nicole Henry, Julia Nixon, Melton Mustafa, Roy Young, Ron Holloway, Bill Evans, Bobby Martinez, Jerry Gonzalez, Steve Turre, and Rosario Giuliani.
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