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Roland Voss
Lemongrass is an enrichment for several human senses. Our tongue and nose get stimulated by the fresh citrus flavor of the plant and our ears receive well-being treatments by Roland Voss's "Lemongrass" project. Founded in 1996 at times when the world of Lounge & Chillout was an undiscovered open field of creativity, which turned out to be the perfect playground for the manifold musical interest of Roland Voss. Even today you never can be sure what you will get when a new Lemongrass release is out. Early days reflect his passion for cool rhythmic grooves. But later on also NuJazz, Ambient, HipHop, R'n'B, Deep House, Soul and Lounge made their impact, always subordinated to the concept of the particular release and its stylistic and thematic vision.

"This guy has the magic" - a claim you come across quite often when the name "Lemongrass" stands nearby. No surprise really, because Roland Voss always worked hard to make his talents blossom. During the '70s he played drums with numerous Rock, Funk and Jazz bands. During the '80s, Roland developed a penchant for electronic instruments. Having patiently honed his skills, it was time for a first record release. His highly acclaimed debut album called "Drumatic Universe" came out on a small German imprint called "Incoming!" in 1997. Soon after one of the hottest Electronic Music labels at that time "Mole Listening Pearls" (a subsidiary of UCMG, today part of the Daredo music group) was so impressed, that they signed him straight away. For many years this has been a fruit-bearing relationship, shooting Lemongrass to the international top league of the scene. At the latest when "Journey to a star" got released in 2001, Roland Voss and his project were everybody's darling. The song is a timeless beauty considered as one the most influential tracks for modern Lounge music. Over time a few more Lemongrass songs reached this height, such as "Feel good", "Elle et moi" and "Habla mi corazon".

After 5 extremely successful album releases plus a few EPs it was time for the next step. In 2005 Roland and his brother Daniel founded the label "Lemongrassmusic", considered as a platform for their own projects and productions. Soon they extended their output with a bunch of talented artists from all over the world. The label kept growing and celebrated their 100th release in the summer of 2012. Needless to say that Lemongrass remained the very center of their work. Brilliant album releases such as "Papillon", "Filmothèque", “The 5th dimension”, "Pour l'amour", "Hypnosis" and "Sirius" deepened the project's international prominence. All in all 14 album releases, 8 EPs, 2 "Best of" and more than 200 compilation appearances speak for themselves.

A helpful aspect to reach this stage is the constant output of domestic releases in various countries. Since the 4th album "Windows" got released by Water Music Records for the US territory, Lemongrass is a big seller overseas too. Most of the album releases also made it to Russia. After "Voyage au centre de la terre" and "Windows" appeared incredibly on old-fashioned audio-cassettes, "Dreamusic" became a solid and steady label partner. Lemongrass is also big in Japan. The label "Receptortune" released 4 albums so far and took the band 3x times on live touring throughout the country.

Lemongrass’ freshest output is their 14th longplayer called "A Dream within a dream" showing the mature qualities of Roland Voss at its best. A work that invites you to experience the soul of the music.
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Lemongrass Discography Tracks


INC!CD 3323 Lemongrass - Drumatic Universe album art Lemongrass Drumatic Universe(CD, Album) Incoming! INC!CD 3323 Germany 1998 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Lumière Obscure album art Lemongrass Lumière Obscure (Album) Mole Listening Pearls, Mole Listening Pearls Germany 1999 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Voyage Au Centre De La Terre album art Lemongrass Voyage Au Centre De La Terre (Album) Mole Listening Pearls, Mole Listening Pearls Germany 2000 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Windows album art Lemongrass Windows (Album) Mole Listening Pearls, Mole Listening Pearls Germany 2001 Sell This Version
RTCD-0002 Lemongrass - Solar Incense album art Lemongrass Solar Incense(CD, Album) Receptor Tune RTCD-0002 Japan 2002 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Skydiver album art Lemongrass Skydiver (Album, Comp) Mole Listening Pearls Germany 2003 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Fleur Solaire album art Lemongrass Fleur Solaire (Album) Mole Listening Pearls, Mole Listening Pearls Germany 2004 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Ikebana album art Lemongrass Ikebana (Album) Lemongrassmusic Russia 2005 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Filmothèque album art Lemongrass Filmothèque (Album) Lemongrassmusic Russia 2007 Sell This Version
EXRC-0110 Lemongrass - Rendez-Vous album art Lemongrass Rendez-Vous(CD, Album) Receptortune, Explosion Works EXRC-0110 Japan 2007 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Pour L'amour album art Lemongrass Pour L'amour (Album) Lemongrassmusic Germany 2008 Sell This Version
LGM024-2 Lemongrass - Hypnosis album art Lemongrass Hypnosis(CD, Album, Dig) Lemongrassmusic LGM024-2 Germany 2009 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - The 5th Dimension album art Lemongrass The 5th Dimension (Album) Lemongrassmusic Germany 2010 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Sirius album art Lemongrass Sirius (Album) Lemongrassmusic Germany 2011 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Papillon album art Lemongrass Papillon (Album) Lemongrassmusic Ukraine 2012 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - A Dream Within A Dream album art Lemongrass A Dream Within A Dream (Album) Lemongrassmusic, DreaMusic (2) Ukraine 2013 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Mémoires album art Lemongrass Mémoires (Album) Lemongrassmusic Russia 2014 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Meditation album art Lemongrass Meditation (Album) Lemongrassmusic Germany 2015 Sell This Version
LGM210 Lemongrass - Beauty album art Lemongrass Beauty(CD, Album) Lemongrassmusic LGM210 Germany 2016 Sell This Version
LGM 233 Lemongrass - Orion album art Lemongrass Orion(14xFile, WAV, Album + CD, Album) Lemongrassmusic LGM 233 Germany 2017 Sell This Version
lgm263-2 Lemongrass - Unite album art Lemongrass Unite(CD, Album) Lemongrassmusic lgm263-2 Germany 2018 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

MOLE009-5 Lemongrass - Comme Toujours album art Lemongrass Comme Toujours(CD, Maxi) Mole Listening Pearls MOLE009-5 Germany 1999 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Falling Star album art Lemongrass Falling Star Mole Listening Pearls Germany 2000 Sell This Version
MOLE025-6 Lemongrass - Time Tunnel album art Lemongrass Time Tunnel(12") Mole Listening Pearls MOLE025-6 Germany 2000 Sell This Version
Lemongrass - Bee album art Lemongrass Bee Mole Listening Pearls Germany 2005 Sell This Version


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May 16, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
Lemongrass is something special. Mainly part of the downtempo scene (one of my favorite things ever), he's also worked in the ambient and chillout scenes. His music can best be described as the music you hear sometimes when wondering around strip malls or the music you hear in an elevator. I suggest "windows" as a starting point, just to see if you'd like this kinda stuff or not.

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