Komputergirl (Kristin Sigvathsen) is a Norwegian electronica artist, composer and producer. Since 2004, she has explored ways to communicate her fascination with arctic landscapes, space and spirituality, through sound. With the help of an eight track sequencer, old analogue synth samples and a MIDI keyboard, she has developed a distinct and chilly sound stretching from naiv and melancholic synthpop, to more atmospheric and conceptual soundscapes.

During the winter of 2015 she released the EP “Hyperborea” in which she collaborated with Norwegian electro artists Psykosister, Schnodig, Substaat and Kant Kino.
In 2016 Komputergirl has been promoting her upcoming debut album “Polarpop” with the release of two singles. “Lightbody”, released in June, was an upbeat hybrid of futurepop, electro, and experimental music.

Her new single “House of Ra” is a contemporary and untraditional dance song fusing elements from futurepop, house, EDM and noise. The “House of Ra” release also features psytrance, IDM, electro, dubstep, industrial and ambient remixes from a variety of norwegian and international underground artists such as A-E (Memmaker), Ankyd (Polygenic), Beax (kr(Æ)ft), Elektro Ferret (Elektro Villain), Monolab (Electricity), Sortna/Zeta Drakonis (Aztec Citadel, Gnosiophobia), VantaNoir (Stacy 16) and Yod Amygdala (Batboner).

Komputergirl Discography

Singles & EPs

Komputergirl Hyperborea EP (EP) Sub Culture Records 2015
Komputergirl Lightbody (Single) Sub Culture Records Norway 2016 Sell This Version
none Komputergirl House Of Ra(CDr, Single) Polarpop Records none Norway 2016 Sell This Version