Eric Clapton Scotchie

March 16, 2016
Anyone have any info on a version of Unplugged released on CD in a wooden, guitar-shaped box? I bought one in the mid-90's, but can find no info on it. Limited to 1000, probably unofficial....similar to this smashing pumpkins box:

Eric Clapton 20ch09

May 8, 2016
edited over 3 years ago
there are a lot of these boxes,guitar shaped boxes i know of are hendrix isle of wight, and rolling stones bridges to babylon. there are also lip shaped boxes for the rolling stones + pink floyd boxes (probably for a whole bunch of other artists, too). they ususally took official release discs/booklets and put them in a new "case". copyrightwise they are treated as bootlegs, as i know people who had to pay for selling/offering some of the pf boxes. depends on the copyright holders and the country you live in.

Eric Clapton MoonMartin

May 4, 2013
Took out my old compact cassettes and found a four-song Eric Clapton cassette on Atco (Z7) AT Z-7260, made in the US, no year. Side 1: Let It Rain, Easy Now, side 2: Lonesome And A Long Way From Home, After Midnight.
Anyone got more info or a digital version in lossless? The cover is missing, too...

Eric Clapton joao3969

October 22, 2017
Hi all i can tell you these songs are all from his 1970 self titled album you can edit the other songs from the album to make your own cassette version in flac etc cheers