Olivier Namblard


Born in 1969, Olivier Namblard came into contact with microphones and recorders from a young age. Fascinated with the mystery of recorded sounds and their evocative power, following his father’s example, he enjoys capturing scenes of family life and sounds surrounding him and archives them to build a library of living memories he can call upon whenever he wants.
During his studies, as part of a team producing musical shows on a community radio, Olivier enjoys experimenting with editing and sound collages. Having started by collecting urban sounds from the town where he lives, his sensibility and leisure pursuits have lead him to recording natural soundscapes since 2000.
He does not define himself as a collector of natural sounds nor as a sound artist, his open approach to recording focusing first and foremost on listening in a contemplative manner.
Olivier currently works for the Cultural services of the région Centre in France.
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